‘My family freezing, my senator is in Cancun’: Twitter explodes as Ted Cruz accused of traveling out of storm-hit Texas


Anger has been spilling on Twitter over photos that purportedly show Texas Senator Ted Cruz boarding a plane to Cancun, Mexico. People criticized him for “fleeing” when his state has been badly hit with extreme cold.

Several photos that have been circulating on social media since Wednesday appear to show Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas) and his family arriving at the airport and then boarding a flight – allegedly heading to Cancun, Mexico.

The images have been widely shared, with people massively lashing out at the senator for leaving his state when its residents are desperately suffering from cold weather.

A severe winter storm left almost two million people without power in Texas and caused water supply shortages. Some people questioned why Cruz should be able to head to Cancun – supposedly for a vacation as it’s 26 degrees Celsius (78 Fahrenheit) there – while their relatives are deprived of basic needs, have to light fireplaces to heat their houses or queue for food for hours.

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16 thoughts on “‘My family freezing, my senator is in Cancun’: Twitter explodes as Ted Cruz accused of traveling out of storm-hit Texas

    1. I know I have & I was expecting this, well at least the colder temps. I’m not sure anyone expected the snow and ice accumulations though. And we’ve thankfully had power so far during this, so we aren’t suffering with no heat like many others.
      Since the wells shut off we’ve had no running water, so no dishes get cleaned. Stock up on paper plates, utensils, cups, etc., otherwise you’ll end up with a kitchen with dirty dishes where you can stack them. Also, make sure you’ve got animal feed if you have have animals. The horse is pawing the snow and ice looking for grass. We’ve been pulling hay off a neighbors large bails and feeding the horse and boiling snow for water for the horse.
      The largest challenge has been the mental one. Just not the usual routine, etc.
      I’m chalking this up to a trial run for things to come & have pondered expatriating to Death Valley, CA. LOL

      1. Also, if you can, have a gas stove as we do. If power goes out you can still cook and stay warm. Make sure you’ve called for a propane tank refill if you know bad weather is on the way. Did this about a month ago.

      2. Yep.
        The biggest part of off grid is the life style change.
        Lost electricity about ten years ago.
        It was early April, it got below freezing, and a bad ice storm.
        Froze our asses off because of not having fall back.
        Decided at that point that this ain’t gonna happen again.
        Rolled with it ever since.
        Glad you and yours are alright.

      3. If you want to stay in Texas, Katie, but need to leave where you are, you’d be welcome out here in my neck of the woods. But if you want real desert, try the Terlingua/Lajitas area, or between Marfa and Presidio. These kinds of events are rare…the last one here was in 2011, “the Big Freeze” (single-digits three straight days….this is a day at the beach compared to that event…lost all water and pipes, took Hubby three weeks of back breaking work to replace them all.)

    1. Thanks, Galen! We finally got internet back this morning (but is spotty, lost it again an hour ago as I was posting a comment about AEP’s ‘green energy’ BS while thousands have either died from cold or because their health equipment like O2 concentrators didn’t work without power)…some of our relatives did suffer but our son was given a gasoline powered generator a couple of years ago, saving his place, daughter no heat until late last night. However, due to our prepping lifestyle and the fact that we built our house in the 80s and have a wood heater…and the fact that we never lost power–had we lost our electricity we would have lost all our water with frozen and cracked pipes under house (it got to 7 degrees early Monday morning! We used heat tape and I ran the water at least once an hour all night long). So thanks for thinking about us, Galen. We have been blessed through this time. Our neighbors and local towns? Not so lucky.

      1. Thanks, DL. Glad to hear you’re okay. Hoping for better weather ahead, on so many levels. This is one of those times when it’s really easy to see how prepping pays off. Still, it was/is a tragedy for those who died needlessly.


        1. Thanks, Hal and Galen. Hubby and I doing fine, son okay since he now has power and so is daughter (who only got power back in the morning; after work she had to hunker down…I’d say both son and his family and daughter learned a lot from this event). Hubby’s been a prepper since even before our marriage early 80s.
          But in 2011 we lost power on a night when it went down to 1 degree (Groundhog Day no less) so the heat tape didn’t work and we lost all water and pipes…took three weeks to get the new pipes and water going again. So I stayed up most of the night this time to make sure we didn’t lose our water/pipes again (he was in another town on EMS duty). Right now I feel pretty much prepared for anything. But we kept the power, just lost internet three days. Glad to be back here, the only site I really missed. Blessings to all Trenchers!

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