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My observations upon my return to the Trenches

As I am back reading this site, what I am seeing is page after page of religious dogma, every divisive religious facet available being deployed.  Our Bill of Rights is on the edge of destruction, and not a f-ing word.

If you cannot put your religion aside and step up to the fight for the Bill of Rights as the absolute law, that when enforced allows every man to believe and conduct his life as he sees fit, you do not want freedom under the common law.  

I warn you people, you can take surveys all day long and tell me how many Christians there are in this country, I will tell you absolute the power in this country,  is the armed populous unregulated uncontrolled militia, and we have f-ing had it with all of you.

There is going to be a slaughter in this country and when it is done the message is going to be clear.  The Bill of Rights is the absolute law, it is what makes us free and everybody is going to understand to mind their own f-ing business and cease and desist in trying to cram their personal beliefs down the throats of those who have no interest and have not solicited them.

If you are not interested in becoming that Bill of Rights and proving that it is a living being with the most mighty power to destroy the enemies of freedom, under the direction of no god, but rather under the direction of the free individuals who will believe and act out their will to their happiness and desire, unfettered, as long as they are not trying to force their beliefs and wills on another, then you are the enemy of that Bill of Rights.

If you people took the care to understand that Bill of Rights through studying it, ten lousy f-ing articles, considering the endless hours you spend trying to prove each other wrong and yourself as the individual twinkle in your interpretation of your god’s eye, the most precious document to ever exist on this planet, BAR NONE, would not be being trodden on and removed.  (In case you are wondering that would be the Bill of Rights.)

What do you people think, you are the only ones who have the grit and soul to make war?  I’m here to tell you you’re wrong.  You are outnumbered and you have refused to come together with your own people in your sacred absolute duty to defend one another’s individual sovereignty and liberty.

I am thoroughly disgusted because I now realize that rather than use the knowledge to which I have devoted the majority of my life to free yourselves, you would use it to force your own warped interpretations of pure utter bullshit, to force your arrogance and vanity onto your fellow man.

What a wonderful God you have.  And so He spoke.  Kill the Catholics, they have it figured all wrong.  Muslims kill the Christians.  The Methodists are going to hell, they have misinterpreted it.  Protestants, they have it absolutely figured out.  The whole earth belongs to their God and anyone who refuses to bend a knee is deemed a demon and should be slaughtered.  And then there are always the Jews, the deepest root of the duplicity of bullshit.

Not much room left in there for the Bill of Rights unless you are trying to twist and manipulate select parts to bolster your position.

Just heard a fella on the radio saying God gave me my rights and that I cannot have my rights without following God.  That is his version of god, I reckon.  I’ve got news for this son of a bitch and every other son of a bitch like him, your god didn’t give me my Bill of Rights, I am the Bill of Rights, just like the men at Concord Bridge.

That Bill of Rights is about to come to life and every one of you is going to learn in a hard way, leave people the f-k alone and keep your beliefs to yourself unless they are solicited.

Now if you want to fight to make that document a part of you that gives you the right to build yourself up to God’s right hand man in your own mind, you better put the rest of this shit aside or you will be slaughtered as fanatics, whose only interest is self-interest and forcing your will on others.

Here in the Trenches we fight for the Bill of Rights, if that doesn’t suit you, go somewhere else.

Bless The Bill of Rights, death to the international corporate mafia, and every fanatic at every level that makes it possible, the free people, as free people will prevail.

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52 Responses to My observations upon my return to the Trenches

  1. mary in ND says:

    spot on Henry……….it was, is, and will be our Bill of Rights that stands SUPREME

  2. galen says:

    If ever anything needed to be said!!!

    Thank you, Henry!!


  3. Bluwater says:

    I see a LOT of articles – and responses to them, or to my comments, elsewhere, constantly advising everyone to ‘trust in god’. I think everyone who ‘believes’ has been saying that for 2000+ years

    ‘Waiting for god’ to restore your Rights?

    On your deathbed, you’ll still be waiting, I promise.

  4. # 1 NWO Hatr says:

    I have never kept my belief in Christ a secret here. By the same token, I have never tried to push my beliefs on others on this site. My main concern when it comes to the topic of ‘religion’ is to at least try to set the record straight… to expose all the jew lies & propaganda about Christianity (and there is a plethora of those).

    My beliefs are my own. They are not subject to limitations, alterations or censorship by anyone… other than myself. I will fight to the death for our Bill of Rights, but I will also fight to the death for my belief in God Almighty & Christ Jesus as well.

    No compromise, no surrender.

    • Henry Shivley says:

      You will become the Bill of Rights, giving it life to fight the fight that will assure that the beliefs in your soul you can follow absolutely to wherever you would have them lead you.
      This is what we have been missing. The Bill of Rights is not a piece of paper that cannot enforce itself. It is the being of a free man and free woman. In living it, all else comes.
      You have the right to defend the 1st Article of your being, but as so long as no one is impeding your right to believe, you do not have the right to attack them because they do not believe the same as you.
      Pointing out the duplicity of the Jews is simply the defense to not have that which you do not believe in affect you in your pursuit of that which you do. This is how personal belief is used as a strength.
      The point is the Bill of Rights is alive. It is each one of us. Anyone who would seek to violate it is standing in front of a deadly apparatus that will literally explode in their face. In the fight the man might be killed, but the Bill of Rights is alive and well as long as any one man or woman holds it in his or her being as the living weapon that it is.

      • galen says:

        New t-shirt:




        • Henry Shivley says:

          Before I went upstairs I thought to myself, Galen is going to suggest a T-shirt.
          I think is should be something a little more direct.
          I am the Bill of Rights!
          Do not infringe!

          • galen says:

            Can ya get me 7 billion?



          • Henry Shivley says:

            There is only one entity in the universe capable of such a feat, and that is the all mighty god mammon, and I’m afraid he shuns me as he despises my natural rights that make up my being. 🙂

          • galen says:

            Let this be heard and understood, that the floodgates open and prosperity visits you soon. It is only right.


          • Darzak says:

            I like the shirt idea, Henry.

            Which part of infringe do they not understand?

      • OKC koyote (super genius) says:

        But…. If your religion seeks to enslave us, well, that is another matter……

  5. Jamal says:

    I’ve said it from day one. I stand for the bill of rights. Then, now and tomorrow. All divisions and distractions aside. I will not trade one form of tyranny and hypocrisy for another. Right on Henry, peace my brother!

  6. Bob M says:

    If people are serious about the state of our country, as well as the state of humanity, they go to sleep and wake up with the strong feeling of wrongness they feel, for themselves, as well as for their fellow people of the world. The very forces they detest the most take their time, steal their productivity, as they try to figure the twisted, inverted, phase shifted deception.
    Speaking for myself, maybe it’s time to stop chasing the devil, to accuse him, and instead focus on the real beauty of freedom that the Bill of Rights secures.
    I just watched Patrick Little and his cameraman get beaten up by leftist brainwashed younger sheeple in Olympia. Little came out talking Jew, Jew, Jew. It’s an indirect approach that unless one researches, only sounds like hate.
    If that were Henry, talking to these kids, showing them how to regain true freedom, WITHOUT GOD’S permission, I think he would have had support in a big way.
    It’s why Henry is on the microphone end and ppl like me on the listen end. Thanks Henry.

  7. JoeSTP says:

    In my book there are just two things, GOOD or EVIL, pick one and fight for it. As I have said in the past “Find Evil and kill it.” Thank you Henry, Oh, BTW I have never read the bible!

  8. DL. says:

    Don’t want religious dogma, Henry? Well neither the f*** do I, and anyone here who actually thinks I stand for religion when my old site was titled Christ Not Religion has another thing coming. so just how the heck does one stand for Christ when none of us knows exactly what’s gonna happen tomorrow but that those who oppose the Bill of Rights will try to take more rights way, and not do anything about it? While His Kingdom is not of this world, we are still in this world so we must do whatever we need to do to make it a better one, and nothing tops making the world better than the Bill of Rights (which includes freedom of religion AND freedom from religion!)

    As for God, there’s an old saying: God helps those who help themselves, and what better way to help oneself than to stand for the Bill of Rights? Accepting Christ helps you for the next world. But how do you help yourself in this one?

    I may sound “religious” at times, Henry, but I know damned well you are right again!

  9. flee says:

    I’m not down with “Churchianity”.

    These religions have murdered so many people in the name of their gods.

    All of them…!

    It’s so easy to pick on Christians.

    I myself being baptized in the Roman Catholic church.

    I feel ashamed that I was ever brainwashed to believe in a white Jew that’s going to save me.

    What a fkng prank.

    Wake up bitches.

    You are responsible for you own lives.

    Stop depending on speculation. ..

    Your odds are better off believing in Casper the friendly ghost.

    We’re Gods and Goddesses walking this earth people.

    Now start acting like it.

    • mary in ND says:

      🙂 🙂 🙂

    • DL. says:

      Believe it or not, flee, I don’t like “churchianity” either. Correct about religions and churches murdering in the name of their “god.” It was the Roman Catholic Vatican that murdered Pope John Paul I (the book about this is called, yes, “In God’s Name” by David Yallop) and it was the Roman Catholic Vatican that engaged in human trafficking, sex slavery, pedophilia in the time of “the Babylonian Captivity” at Avignoine (or however it’s spelled) as well as Boniface VIII (Dante has that one right)…and then the Protestant murders of so-called witches, etc. And, while Christ was a Jew, He was not what a Pharisee might call a typical one. As for speculation, if you are speculating you are wasting your time when you should be doing. Thanks for telling truth about religion, which is man-made, after all.

      • Darzak says:

        ” And, while Christ was a Jew, He was not what a Pharisee might call a typical one.”
        I agree with your entire perspective here, DL. If I may, I would like to clarify the above quote from your post to teach others who may not fully understand the whole picture. For those who already understand the following, please bear with me.
        Christ was an Israelite descendant of David through His mother’s lineage, and also through His adoptive father’s (Joseph) lineage. Being very God, He had no need for an earthly father, but became as one of us to share in our humanity and bear the penalty for our misdeeds (sins) in our place. Through His earthly heritage He was a Judean, He was NOT a “Jew” as we know the term today. The sect of the Pharisees WOULD be considered “Jews” in the sense we understand it, and are the progenitors of modern Talmudic Jewry. The problem that confronts those who would clarify this issue is, as in most all things, that the Jews are duplicitous: They claim “jewishness” is both a religious perspective AND a genetic race of people, depending on which perspective works in their favor at the moment. As we know, the population of Israel today bears almost no genetic similarity with the ancient Israelites, no more than many of us who have similar genetic roots in Europe and Asia Minor. They also do not worship the Creator as He intended, save for those real Christians who still live there. The issue becomes further clouded by the term “Jews” when used in the Bible as a collective reference to those of the Southern kingdom of Israel (Judah) in Old Testament translations of the Biblical term Yehudim (Hebrew) as “Jews”. The similar term “Ioudaioi” in Greek is also translated in the New Testament as “Jews”. The division in meaning began at the time of Christ, where the Judeans (Jews) who accepted the Messiah became known as Christians, and the remnant of the Judeans who did not accept the Messiah carried the term “Jews” into their ongoing apostasy from the traditional Mosaic following of God to the creation of the Talmudic worship of Lucifer (Satan). The Rabbis of today’s Orthodox jewry are the descendants of the very same Pharisees whom Jesus condemned.

        A long-winded means to say that Jesus, while a member of the Israelite tribe of Judah, WOULD have been referred to as a Jew in His day as a descendant of the tribe of Judah, He certainly was and is completely opposed to the Talmudic/Cabalistic teachings of the modern Rabbis, and has called them “The Synagogue of Satan” in Revelation 2:9 & 3:9.

        • Henry Shivley says:

          This is an interesting assertion with many facets.
          Tell me this. It is said Yeshua was of an immaculate conception. Did God fornicate with Mary, inject his sperm into her vagina, one of which penetrated one of Mary’s eggs, making Yeshua half human?
          Now if Mary was indeed a virgin, she had never been penetrated and thus no natural conception could have occurred.
          Did God miraculously plant a single sperm into one of Mary’s eggs, making him half human, or was it truly an immaculate conception wherein God placed a living being completely of himself into Mary’s womb, which would make him solely the Son of God with Mary being naught but an incubator.
          I guess it comes down to the creation of Christianity. Did Christianity develop through the life of this half human, half God? Or was it born pure, just of God, and came into existence with Yeshua’s first breath? In which case he was not a Hebrew, he was not a Jew, he wasn’t from South Detroit, he was a pure God, not of, but for every being.
          And most importantly, what does this have to do with my Bill of Rights which is being destroyed while we are having this discussion?

        • OKC koyote (super genius) says:

          WELL said DARZAK

  10. Mark Schumacher in LV says:

    Have gun will travel, 2nd article, my favorite article.

    • Darzak says:

      Or, have 2 guns, will travel farther, Mark. All the Articles are my favorite, however. Like us, they stand together or fall separately.

  11. flee says:

    I have to state….

    I am not an atheist.

    I believe in the universal prime Creator, first cause.

    I have a personal relationship with first cause.

    I see it in the stars, the sun, the moon, the birds, wind, thunder, clouds and the balance of nature.

    These I can see…

    I’m just tired of other people telling me what I should believe in with no substance and pure speculation.

    My pain is right here…right now.

    I know that I have to be responsible to reflect the creator.

    To create and produce in the creators image.

    To ask for the gift of discernment.

    To be able to know what is right and what is wrong without a third party telling me what to do.

    Ok…I’ll get off my spiritual soapbox

    Now back to the jokes for your entertainment pleasure.

    I hate being serious… but sometimes you just can’t avoid it.

  12. Ed Teach says:

    I am the Bill of Rights!
    The only thing i trust in.
    The only thing I’ll die for.

  13. Jolly Roger says:

    I’ve always been an atheist. I didn’t lose my faith; I never had any religious beliefs, because my parents were atheists too. I was baptized as an adult because the procedure was necessary for me to become a baby’s Godfather, so I’m officially registered as a Catholic somewhere, but I’d be lying if I claimed to believe in any supernatural being.

    As a believer in the Bill of Rights, I’ve always respected other people’s right to believe in any religion they choose, and I do understand how that faith would be important to people in times of war, so I avoid saying anything that might disturb it.

    I will however say this: Religious people piss me off to no end by assuming they’re the only people who can do good in this world, and that anyone who doesn’t believe in their God must be evil and cannot be trusted.

    I happen to be a “better Christian” than any “God-fearing Christian” I know, and take pride in the fact that I can treat my fellow man decently and justly without the threat of hell or promise of heaven to motivate decent behavior toward others.

    Religions are important to me as they’ve affected history and politics, but you do not have to believe in anyone’s gods to be a good person, and religious people don’t seem to understand that because they’ve been taught that all that’s good springs from their god. It’s NOT the case, and that belief epitomizes arrogance.

    Many of the faithful look down their noses at others as inferiors because of their belief in their god, and that’s a big mistake, which has caused more wars than I can count.

    Your god didn’t invent decency or goodness. It’s a human trait that you’ll find in atheists everywhere.

    • flee says:

      If your an atheist.

      And you follow the laws of the state.

      Then the State is your God.

      The State has a God called Justice.

      Or in ancient times… Justicia.

      A very malevolent God.

      She’s then the god you worship by default.

      I don’t care really what you believe in.

      As long as it makes you a better person.

      But unfortunately. ..

      Track record shows that it doesn’t benefit humanity.

      • Jolly Roger says:

        I don’t follow the laws of the state, and nor do I think that doing so can be equated with a religious belief because no supernatural being or afterlife is involved. People might follow the laws of a state due to fear of the state, and this has nothing to do with worshiping anything.

        Every religion that’s existed since the dawn of time has this one thing in common: They all offer eternal life in exchange for a certain behavior, or set of behaviors.

        They exist because they offer humans an alternative to dying, and offer politicians a convenient tool for control.

        • flee says:

          You are correct.
          We are not motivated by laws.

          We are motivated by “Penalty”.

          So my question is…

          If your not motivated by religion.

          If your not motivated by threat of law and cages at gunpoint.

          What are you motivated by…?

          We really need to know.

          Maybe you know something we don’t.

          Don’t keep it a secret…

          We need to know.

          Enlighten us.

          • Jolly Roger says:

            “..What are you motivated by…?….We really need to know…”

            No, you don’t need to know, because I’m not your leader, and nor do I want to be. You do your thing, and I’ll do mine, for our own reasons.

            But I’ll tell you anyway. My actions, like everyone’s, are motivated by different things in different situations. My actions here are motivated by a desire to live in freedom.

            “…..If your not motivated by threat of law and cages at gunpoint…..”

            I am motivated to some degree by threat of law and cages. I said “I don’t follow the laws of the state”, but that doesn’t mean I disobey all of them, or don’t take measures to avoid being caught when I do disobey them.

            If I use a radar detector to speed down the highway without getting caught, I’m disobeying the speed limit, but also motivated by the threat of law.

            Lawyers have estimated that we’re all guilty of three felonies per day.

          • OKC KOYOTE(SUPER GENIUS) says:


  14. Katie says:

    Not to sound religious or nothin but AMEN! 🙂

  15. OKC koyote (super genius) says:

    Any idiot that has not realized by now that “do unto others as you would have them do to you”. Is codified in the bill of rights,
    Either simply doesn’t care,or is a judeo-kristchun infiltrator…….

  16. flee says:

    If you live by the ten commandments.

    You don’t need law or the bible, koran, hindu texts etc…

    Even a 3rd grader can understand this.

    But as adults. ..

    We just don’t fkng get it.

    It just can’t be simpler than this.

    If you follow the ten commandments.

    We wouldn’t have a lot of these problems.

    That’s about as Churchianty as I get.

    • Henry Shivley says:

      I agree with you, my brother, with one exception.
      The 1st Commandment, thou shalt have no other god before me, is the problem.
      You see it is human nature for one human to always think himself superior to the human standing beside him or her. When all look up and start defining god from their own perspective, this is where the trouble starts. No one likes to be wrong. This is why the 1st Article does and must prevail as it forbids the forced thoughts of one individual upon another.
      When I am away from everything, alone with the forest, that is a spiritual feeling that is mine alone to define. If we are not free to think about the ultimate of who we are and where we came from without the stigma of the opinions of others, we are chained in the grossest manner possible and can know no other freedom, as we have no reference point.
      Thanks for your thoughts this evening, true and from the heart.

      • flee says:

        Let me make myself perfectly clear.

        I am for the bill of rights.

        It’s the closest thing that had any meaning or substance in my life so far.

        That’s why I cherish it…

        Nuture it and will fight for.

        I call it the…

        Bill of Leave me the fk alone or I’ll kill you.

      • galen says:


        There is no doubt you felt the subtle jest
        Of judgment placed on you that fatal day
        When erring men befogged with thought’s decay
        Were vain enough to think they met the test
        Off knowing right and wrong – You faced the west
        As if you knew how many honors lay
        Upon your path which carried you away
        To the eternal land of speechless rest

        Herein is found the huge immortal joke,
        The death which was to end your every thought
        Has made a laurel crown for them and brought
        To them a deathless fame – At one swift stroke
        Your name among the great was crystallized
        And took a place among them glorified

        — Goldie L. Morales


  17. James M. says:

    I hope this article gets out far and wide.

  18. fred W says:

    Go ahead & spout the god crap. It’s just another good reason atheism continues to grow. I’m an ordinary dude & I figured out that the religion thing was scripted nonsense even at 8 years old. If there be a god, keep it to yourself. I DON’T WANT TO HEAR IT. Me & my front door are tired of being assaulted by every kind of god goon who thinks they have some kind of RIGHT to bother me.

    If any thinking person were to glance at the state of the world as it is now, how could you possibly conclude that a “loving god,” who is alleged to be all powerful, gives a shit about us ? At best the evidence suggests indifference, if not outright I-don’t-give-a-shit. Shouting scripture & banging bibles has become the replacement for plain old moral behavior. You don’t need a magic man in the sky or a 2,000 year old book to tell you how to act correctly.

    I’m glad I’m not the only one fed up with to damn much god stuff. ACT MORALLY, then it won’t friggin’ matter who is right or wrong.


  19. DL. says:

    I don’t have a problem with the Bible except how it is interpreted for agendas, or plain mis-interpreted, or used in an evil way to justify a certain country’s right to genocide others, and as for the Old Testament, it is mostly a history book and has prophecies most of which have been fulfilled, and as for the New Testament, it has the Words of Christ and more history and missions, so to speak, and most of those prophecies have also been fulfilled, and those that haven’t been are also most mis-interpreted for agendas.

    But the Bill of Rights? I do not think there is any misunderstanding with that one! If you don’t act using the Bill of Rights, you lose your rights. Period. End of Story. Hell doesn’t just exist in a parallel universe…allowing the Bill of Rights to be taken from you can be just as hell-ish.

    As for the Word of Christ and the Bill of Rights, I just don’t see any conflict between the two. And, yes, both are being destroyed as I write this. That’s why I’m writing this.

  20. JACK says:

    If you cannot put your religion aside and step up to the fight for the Bill of Rights as the absolute law,
    I will not and absolutely refuse too Give up on my f-king religion i believe that the sky is blue and the grass is green and that Jesus is God the son of and is and will be my high Priest ! we the people had are chance 1913 on up ! but we the people did not stand when we had it, there are too many pussy that believe that the cops are the good guys ! that gov will protect them , REV 13.17 And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name , its coming like or not . I myself wish to start a new colony in S Argentina .

    • Henry Shivley says:

      You did not understand a word I said so I bid you peace and farewell.
      Hope you find what you are looking for in Argentina.

  21. kinganu says:

    Right on Henry!
    Looks like you hit a nerve……i’d love to elaborate on this one but trying to type on this damn cell phone in a truck in commiefornia just wont work and by the time i get back to my computer it will be buried to deep to matter.
    Thanks for standing on the firing line and telling it like it is.

  22. Sunfire says:

    Direct and to the point as always Henry! I could not agree more. When the Bill of Rights is enforced as absolute law, then everyone can live in the truest sense of the word freedom.

  23. flek says:

    Today’s religions are a feint allegoric echo of a very distant forgotten past.

    To believe whatever faerie you want and live it, sadly, requires the bill of rights.
    Without which, you just might be forced to believe someone else’s faerie tale
    at gunpoint or go down for a dirt nap.

    I say sadly, because it says a lot about humanity that such obvious statements are necessary.
    It’s sad a bill of rights is required at all to live a free life. Do no harm, the universal law is so simple a child can understand but a 70yr old can’t seem to put it into practice.

    What’s wrong with humanity? Why does humanity even have these miserable dispositions in us?

    Anyway, I’m here to enjoy this planet as a vacation paradise and be left alone. I have no interest in the petty squabbles of religion, politics, sexuality…etc. The problem, for me, is when narcissistic busy bodies force their agenda up the a$$ of others and believe their myth of authority. And then use this myth of authority to do what they please to humanity no matter what….stealing through tax, inflation, killing for whatever reason, putting people in cages for harming no other human, making vices crimes, wiping out whole nations for their nonconformity, or the resources under their feet…etc. The ‘jews’ being the worst driving force of evil on the planet at this time. It’s most insidious to use a piece of old tired desert parchment as justification to genocide an entire nation. It’s worse to realize that people believe this tripe and support the
    killing, even cheering it.

    The un-empathetic nature of the psychopathic, narcissistic, busy body class is a damn good reason for a bill of rights. Without which, there would be no reason at all.

    In order to recognize natural freedom, which is what the bill of rights are, one must live it. There’s no other way.

    Bottom line….you infringe on the natural freedom afforded to me by the essence of creation, you get taken out with no recourse available. Think it over carefully……


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