‘My parents won’t let me get the Covid vaccine’

BBC News

In the US, France and Australia, the Covid-19 vaccine can be given to all teenagers over the age of 12.

On Friday, vaccine experts in the UK recommended not to give the jab to all 12-15 year olds, though its chief medical officers may take a different approach.

It comes as the support group Teens for Vaccines – which is run by teenagers for teenagers – says young people around the world are being left out of discussions that affect their own health.

The group, which is based in the US, says it’s seeing more people from the UK getting in touch for advice on the vaccine and support on how to talk to vaccine-hesitant and anti-vaccine parents.

The BBC’s Laura Foster speaks to one teenager whose parents are stopping her from getting the jab, and finds out more about the work Teens for Vaccines does and what all this could mean for teenagers in the UK.


3 thoughts on “‘My parents won’t let me get the Covid vaccine’

  1. So… “Not everything should require parental consent,” says TEENS FOR VACCINES. Well, true enough. They don’t have to get parental consent to go to the bathroom or to get up in the morning. But doing something life-threatening, well, that’s a different story.

    Slick name, TEENS FOR VACCINES. Slick vid, too. Pretty sophisticated script for such young minds. Wonder who’s funding? Not that little sh*t in the t-shirt. But who? BBC? W.H.O.? Gates? Fauci? CDC? AMA? Schwarzenegger? Springsteen? Rothschild? Walmart? Pfizer? Probably all of the above.

    Leave our kids the fk alone you bast*rds!!!!!!!!


  2. Mmmh, “edgy” to be pro-state, pro nwo, pro-stupid.

    A “movement” being wrapped up as revolutionary when it stinks more of bowel.

    You definitely are stupid if you believe the government cares about you and you wanna “fight” for your “right to be enslaved and die.

    The gene pool thanks you.

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