My Sincere Gratitude

First, I must explain that because I trusted the Lord Jesus to provide for me, I waited until this morning to check my PayPal account. I did not choose to check it daily after my last prayer request because I did not want to look at it saying to myself, “I only need … more.” Thank you to all of the Trenchers that have helped me. I am now assured that I will not be without a home until March at the earliest. THANK YOU!!!

Jill in OKC

25 thoughts on “My Sincere Gratitude

  1. Congratulations. You took in way more money than the site did this month.
    Nice strategy, not checking the account and saying that was enough when you got what you needed.
    I’m going to start looking for a job today. If I can find anything that will just cover my bills, I will shut both the website and the broadcast down.
    Enjoy your boondoggle.

  2. I’m glad you have enough funds to go until March at least. I’ve been out of work for over a year now, and my savings are wiped out. I have enough left for two or three minimum payments on the credit card (it’s what I have been using to pay for food and necessities). Like Henry, if I don’t find a job soon, I’ll be forced to file bankruptcy. That two-bit con-artist Chump signed the bill sending billions to other countries and $600 to us, what a criminal act!

    1. I had a f-king job, fighting for the Bill of Rights and fighting to keep this f-king site up. But when people intentionally siphon monies from a site that depends completely on donations, well I guess that is what we will have.
      Jill is paid up until March and f-k the Bill of Rights.
      There will be no broadcast today.

      1. Probably best not to have a broadcast today. I was planning to do at least a half hour diatribe. I need a day to calm down. Love you guys, we shall prevail !!!

      2. 2020 has been a horrific year for many, but if it’s one thing history has proven, it’s that no one really knows what they got until it’s gone. The Trenches has been a beacon of light in a sea of darkness. What ever happens, the fight continues because the reinforcement of the Bill of Rights as the Supreme Law, the restoration of our Common Law Courts, and the restoration of our Republic is the only way anyone is going to survive the global endgame the psychopaths have now begun.

    2. Sunfire, I am sorry for the struggles you are going through. This is the design that was laid out for us. Oh how I wish I had the resources to help out all true Trenchers in need.

      1. Thanks for the kind words Mary. I’m no stranger to struggles, but I don’t put up “Go Fund Me” pages or ask people for assistance, I find a way to survive. If you had the resources to help out all the Trenchers, I will still ask you to send those funds to Henry to keep this site going. You are correct about the design, it was planned out years ago, and now the psychos are executing their plan. They will FAIL!

  3. WOW!!! Jill that is fantastic. Since you used this site to rake in some loot perhaps you would consider a donation to Henry and Laura. It is amazing to me how two honorable, dedicated, hard working people as Henry and Laura are have to struggle so.
    Hey Henry maybe this scam uh… I mean strategy could work for the site. Instead of asking for donations just put up a ‘request for prayers’

  4. My friends, can you hear Henry’s struggle in keeping our site alive? Horrible that he has to go through this after all he does for our freedom. Just a note in support of the next auction. If we all look around our homes we just might find something we can auction off. You just don’t know when someone will just love what you are offering. This could help somewhat. To think of life without The Trenches is like day without light, like ocean without water, like slavery with no emancipation in sight.


    1. you said it sister
      I am working on some auction items right now. Things that will come useful in days ahead.

      1. Yeah, me too. And it’s fun, a little fun in this messed up world.

        2021—> The year we turn it around: the site thrives and The Bill of Rights rises.


    2. Please don’t take this the wrong way, but if people have money to bid on things they want, that tells me that they have money to spare. Why not just send that money to Henry without getting something in return? Maybe when the site is gone, people will finally understand that getting a “goodie” for donating to the site isn’t a gift at all, it’s a purchase.

      1. Hi Sunfire. I do not see the items obtained through the auction as “a purchase.” Often the price paid for auction items exceeds actual value, so the auction is primarily an opportunity to donate. The item is more like a little thank you gift. JD has often stated this on air. If folks want to exchange some of their goods for money that can be sent to The Trenches, that’s a very good thing, along with plain old donations. I’m for whatever method will help the site and ease some of the struggle Henry and Laura carry.


        1. I am not against auctions for the site, but if that is the only way money gets sent to the site, you have to wonder why that is. If people have money to participate in an auction, then there was spendable money already there but never donated until there was an auction. I’m not pointing fingers at anyone, just pointing out that funds for the site should come in whether there is an auction or not.

  5. When I saw your reason for needing monies which was you had no SS# or DL which makes you ineligible to get a job, I was like, uh, so for your “freedom,” in not being in the system, you’ll just ask for money rather than getting the necessary BS like the rest of have to, to support ourselves, it was then I said no way will I contribute to this mentality. Just remember that we’re at war and whatever is required to survive is on the table.

    1. ‘Just remember that we’re at war and whatever is required to survive is on the table.’ ……. love that

  6. Attention Trenchers! Especially Henry and Laura. I did not intend for the donations to the Trenches to be interfered with. Since I did receive plenty for my needs, I will be sending some on to the Trenches. The only contact I have with the world is this website which I praise every chance I get when I take surveys. I pray for the Trenches and all those involved in spreading the truth about the bill of rights every day. I live my life based on the bill of rights and the authorized King James Bible which do not require identification.

    1. Do not send anything to here, it will be sent back.
      If you care about the site, don’t ever do anything like this again.

  7. I thought the last time someone did this for gain it wasn’t gonna happen again? There are many churches and other places to get help if someone is in true need. Sorry this happened Henry and Laura.

  8. I doubt I would be here today if The Trenches did not exist.. Period! My wife and I have the utmost respect for this website (Henry, Laura & Family). They have worked hard for years to keep this site alive, risking their own security to try to educate us on the Common law and the Bill of Rights. More than thanks are needed to preserve this site! Please donate.. this is not charity its about saving our lives!! Ken & Bobbi Camano Island

    1. Re: “I doubt I would be here today if The Trenches did not exist.”

      Me too, Ken. It was like finding a whole new universe with unlimited potential. I started dropping my chains, even the ones I didn’t know I was wearing. I found parts of myself I had no idea existed, and they were seated in inalienable birthrights and aligned with conscience. Turns out Freedom is Spiritual.



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