My take on the mini-series, “The Family”


I wonder if others felt the series was not presented all that clearly, vacillating from acted-out scenes to historical footage. It was hard to tell exactly where the writer/narrator was going and where he was criticizing or condoning, so I hope I got it correctly. And yeah, it was sprinkled with Illumanati symbolism and we even see Bush Sr. speaking of “The New World Order” within the context of that organization. It’s the church and state two-step.

Fly Outs:

Their slogan: “Jesus plus nothing.” Instead, how about Jesus, if that’s your choice. But let it be Jesus plus The Bill of Rights. Then we get to love or listen to whomever we want but with nothing stepping on individuality or freedom.

That organization defines itself as “banal AND totalitarian,” with Coe as “stealth persuader.” They are invested in “organizing the invisible.” Well, what remains unseen is not an absolute but in the eye and mind of each viewer. The idea that the invisible can be organized is pompous and likely intentionally intimidating.

Says “faith is central to all life and to liberty.” Now THERE’S a conversation to be had. And who has a corner on faith or God anyway? The intensely personal is not a give-away to any who attempt to put it in a box.

Claims to be “hiding in plain sight.” Where!!? Behind Zionism? Nary a mention of Jewish power, influence, agenda. They move like a quick international peace-corps of sorts, or like C.I.A. missionaries, walking into other lives and other cultures, with smiles and hugs, disguising coercion.

I saw Bono’s betraying face mixed in with Pence, Sessions, and other suits who don’t give a hoot about you and me. I saw frikkin’ Donald, whom they call “The Wolf King,” as they reference Romans 13, where submission to government is prescribed.

I heard their plans to grow this ’round the globe,’ to make it a multicultural extravaganza where it will speak to the world in many different languages. Maybe multiculturalism is really MKultraism.

They proclaim to accomplish this feat of getting us all under one big tent with what they actually call their “agents of empire.” That they just come out and say that is a clear indication of global dictatorship, religious dictatorship. One wonders about the funding behind this, the lavishness of those lunches and breakfasts, the plane-travel and lodging, etc., and it’s been going on for over half a century. This is no little “I simply love Jesus camp.” You can’t get into all those political chambers (both national and international) without someone footing the bill and granting access.

And lastly, they place on us the charge of “eradication of the self.” That is like asking us to lay down and take it. To stop thinking critically or having personal opinions, And we move all the way to their final solution: “SURRENDER.” It was at this point that I had to restrain myself from smashing my tv.

This supposedly “unorganized” organization is especially insidious when it comes in the name of God and feigns humility and expects me to accept its path as my own. If there’s anything I learned from Christ, it’s to go against the herd. On top of that he said, “These things you see me do, you shall do greater.” Ain’t that enough to level the playing field and point us to our potential?

Kind of like when Henry says, “We’re ALL Kings.” And Christ also said, “The Kingdom is within.” How’s that for handing power to the individual? And best of all, “My kingdom is NOW.” We don’t have to wait for frikkin’ pie in the sky. With the right circumstances, heaven can be experienced right where we are in the moment. Okay, so can hell. So much depends on what we do with it.

12 thoughts on “My take on the mini-series, “The Family”

  1. Excellent analogy.

    I don’t believe those evangelicals ordaining Trump can really be associated with Christianity, no more than their counterparts in the days of old who watched the poor starve as they built temples of gold.

  2. “It was at this point that I had to restrain myself from smashing my tv.”

    I reached that point many years ago, so it was time to stop watching altogether, galen.

    Hell, I wanted to smash Henry’s t,v. when Bush jr.’s mug showed up in the news while I was visiting.

    Probably wouldn’t have made a very good first impression. 🙄

  3. as i mentioned in another post on the subject here, i had to turn it off. too much “recreation” based on actual events. i prefer documentaries, this has documentary style but overly relies on docu-drama. i had read all about these guys in a few pieces so i already knew about them. and i say, so what? just another group trying to force their agenda behind the scenes. and being that it is a lefty film, i could ‘ve done without the fear of christianity angle.
    and i’m not even religious.

    1. If you took out the Christianity angle, what would you really have left?
      This is the occult and they use every belief system against all the people of the world. The belief system by our law, the 1st Article thereof, is the prerogative of the individual.
      I THINK this piece puts a lot of information in a forum that people who aren’t so well read as yourself can get a glimpse into the workings of the good ol’ boy Masonic dirty church cabal being run by Zion and the high occultists, and I think Galen’s analogy supports my position.

  4. Really well written Galen!
    But I haven’t seen this. So I can’t comment much.
    There is talk of a theocratic “conservative” NWO, contrary to the Liberal World Order they suggest.
    Conscious American Nationals got the weight of the world’s freedom on their back, to take this ship back, and turn to good.

  5. Have not seen this series, Galen (on TV, Netflix, or anywhere else), but if Bono is involved with this then it is no good. But Jesus PLUS the Bill of Rights is something I always will support. And the only “submission” to govt. that needs to be done is submitting to the govt. that the govt. either upholds and defends the Bill of Rights, or the govt. will be gone. ANYONE who claims Romans 13 is about “obeying” govt when said govt. is as evil as can be does not understand Romans 13 or is using it for nefarious purposes (and, what with Bono have all sorts of off-shore accounts what does he care about paying taxes since likely he pays no taxes at all.)

    1. Thanks, DL.

      Bono’s face was only flashed for a second or two, but it was enough to know he’s in it.

      I still have some aversion feelings about Romans 13. Don’t want ANYTHING suggesting I “submit” to anything.


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