Mystery spray causes evacuation, sickness at Walmart in west Harris County, Texas


HARRIS COUNTY, Texas –- A Walmart west of Houston was evacuated late Sunday after two men sprayed a substance that made some people ill, deputies said.

It happened at the store near Highway 6 and Westpark Drive around 8:45 p.m., according to deputies with the Harris County Sheriff’s Office.

Dozens of employees and about 100 to 150 customers had to be evacuated. Some of them started to experience trouble breathing and suffered burning in their eyes and throat, deputies said.

“When I was in there, I was checking out, and I saw people choking,” said customer Ken Baptista. “I heard somebody was mixing chemicals in there and throwing it in the air.”

“By the time I went inside I just smelled something real funny,” said Farah Muhamoud. “We don’t know exactly what was it.”

At least four people were sent to area hospitals.

Deputies said the suspects got away, but surveillance cameras may have captured the pair on video.

Hazmat crews were called in and said the store was clear of the chemicals a short time later.

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3 thoughts on “Mystery spray causes evacuation, sickness at Walmart in west Harris County, Texas

  1. Again, you have cameras ALL OVER THE STORE and you cannot release footage or even mention the identity of the two guys spraying the shit???!!!!! WTF!!!???

    So apparently that’s not even important anymore? Maybe they were Sandy Hoax cameras in there. Maybe they were just installed or were temporarily shut off during that time.

    Were the two guys even arrested? Did it even happen or was this just another false flag drill?

    Again, WHERE IS THE PROOF!!!!!!??? Why do they not ever show the camera footage on these things??!!!

    Oh we are just going to interview more people who will talk about it and try and to make people more scared of going anywhere instead of doing their job and finding out who did it like they are supposed to do!!! Wake up people!!!

  2. No doubt Wally World will deem it necessary to at least triple their security forces so this type of terrorist act won’t happen again.

    Must protect the consumers.

    And profits.

    ESPECIALLY profits.

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