6 thoughts on “Nancy Pelosi and George Soros

  1. Trust in Pelosi… the devil witch from hell!! They gov.com has been hiding her lately did you notice? Shes Gotta lot of hate mail and its not slowing… Id like to push her on a swing…

  2. I washed my clothes today… talk about a hot som bitchen laundry mat!!! out side was pure chemtrail. If you think its bad, it is bad.!… Fug

  3. Who’s the pathetic nerdy guy who looks like he’s on crack standing next to her? If that’s Soros son, I’m betting he doesn’t even know what planet he’s on.

    Well I guess we know where Pelosi has been hiding this past week. She’s been finding out what her new orders were from her Reptilian Alien Commie Commander.

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