Naomi Seibt: I Will Not Let Slander, Defamation and Conspiracy Theories Take Away My Courage

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INTELCASTER – In recent weeks 19-year-old Naomi Seibt, from Germany, has gained enormous popularity on the internet. According to Seibt, who describes herself as a climate realist, she’s challenging the public to think, rather than to panic about (man-made) climate change.

During this time, Seibt has been interviewed by several monostream media outlets, including Sky NewsOAN and Breitbart where she was asked about her research into climate change.

Seibt’s Youtube channel (which initially helped her popularize her opinions) and Twitter account have added tens of thousands of new followers in the past 2 weeks.

Seibt was also a guest at CPAC 2020, the Conservative Political Action Conference.

In response to being associated with “conservatives” and “climate deniers”, the Guardian and others also brought Seibt to the forefront with several articles.

With the monostream media pitting Naomi Seibt against Greta Thunberg, we are once again finding ourselves in uncharted territory.

For the first time in the 21st century (and likely ever), the monostream media is depicting 2 opposing camps through 2 children who are supposed to embody the camp that they reportedly represent. Climate “alarmists” and climate “deniers”.

Anyone with their thinking cap on already knows that it is highly likely that things are going to spiral out of control. The signs are already there. Seibt has been categorized by the monostream media as a right-winger, after she attended CPAC 2020 and here announcement that she had joined the Heartland Institute.

In The News Today


4 thoughts on “Naomi Seibt: I Will Not Let Slander, Defamation and Conspiracy Theories Take Away My Courage

  1. Hegel is smiling in his coffin…It’s good j Seibt vs. bad j Greta…get your tickets
    R U Ready to Rummmmble?

    They turn the black against the white
    They turn the daytime into night
    They obfuscate the love among us
    They take our love and then they turn it into fight
    Dear god, are there answers to our fate?
    You gave us free will, oh please don’t tell us it’s too late
    Because I won’t go, I’ll fight it till the end
    That’s clear to see, you know, I don’t have a single friend
    But that’s OK, I’ll fight this thing myself
    Cause there ain’t no way I’ll lie down to this Hell
    And I know I’m not alone, it may just take some time
    And millions lost, turning poison into wine
    And like I said mom, I’ll be the first to go
    Because I miss you now much more than you could know
    Don’t worry mom, I’m not afraid to die
    It’s actually better- than living inside a lie
    Wish us luck mom, I can hear them coming near
    As I file my bayonet and overcome my fear
    And I will show my fight, and we will make a stand
    And we will overcome them and take us back this land

  2. But does she know stefan molyjoo is just that?

    While it’s nice that the 2 controlled sides are compared apples to apples, the end result will be that of only the same voice being heard. It will not be OURS.

    Otherwise, I don’t believe WE would be hearing from her at all.

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