NASA’s SOHO Telescope Captures Planet-Sized Object Near Sun

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Researchers are baffled and speculation in internet forums abounds over images captured by NASA’s Solar and Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO) on January 10, 2014.

According to some the images depict a physical planet-sized object near the sun, while others have suggested the “object” is lens flare, a camera effect where light scatters across the camera’s lens.  

We’ll let you decide:

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10 thoughts on “NASA’s SOHO Telescope Captures Planet-Sized Object Near Sun

  1. Lens flares do not travel as an object travels it changes when photographed, at least that is what I have seen in the past. Only stills can have lens flares for they come and go. This is assuredly a body of some kind coming in and it is strongly leaning toward Nibiru. That is my opinion.

  2. It looks like dibris swriling in a circular motion giving the effect of a round object…..the supposed object seems to have no contrast to the outer space background……the supposed object would also seem to be too close to the sun and would, in my estimation, burn-up or explode…….I call it an anomaly.

    1. There are many, many pictures on the web and people swearing up and down this planet it there. Looks like something to me. I am no expert but I find it very interesting this planet looking object is suddenly being captured by NASA and it’s right where all these people said Nibiru is supposed to be. Perhaps it is and if so they’ve known it was there for a long while. It’s only being revealed because it cannot be denied or hidden any longer from sight. Everyone else lies to us every day so why would NASA be any different? If it is in fact Nibiru then we can look to our fearless liars and leaders as they run to their trillion dollar underground bunkers-closely guarded- that they’ve built with our tax dollars knowing this was coming and not giving all of us any chance at survival. I think we should make sure they don’t get that luxury and they can suck it up with the rest of us. Seems fair to me.

      1. I suppose we just have to wait and see once this “thing” gets closer to where it can’t be denied…..keep an eye on the people who have a Gold ticket to the underground……much like watching the celebrities in California to see if they start leaving because of the radiation.

  3. The circle moves with the CME. If this is a planet ill eat my hat. NON-STORY here. I watch the sun everyday. This is not anything abnormal. solar filaments bow and stretch like this all the time.

  4. Ladies and gentlemen, the Death Star will be in position in 15:00 minutes and counting. The Rebel Base on planet Earth will all be destroyed. It will be a grand day for the Empire.

    Sorry, couldn’t resist.

      1. Better get in my X-wing fighter, enter that narrow trench, and use the force to place a perfectly-timed proton torpedo in the hole, while getting out of there by flying over a million miles away from it in less than 30 seconds before it explodes. I love Hollywood, don’t you? lol

        Whoops! I almost forgot R2. lol

  5. I personally just think it is a circular motion from the waves and people are just jumping to conclusions or looking for something that is not there.

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