Nassar victim: Women leading this case empowered me

This is what I was speaking about on yesterday’s broadcast.

Published on Jan 25, 2018

International Fem Victim Communist Movement takes the reins from the failed Black Lives Matter Commie Victim Movement for the communization of America by the removal of procedural due process under the guise of victim’s rights.

They seek to change the system to one of conviction through allegation wherein the accuser cannot be confronted as she is declared victim without due process.

A real crime against the few being purposefully morphed into a gender war.

From CNN’s The Lead with Jake Tapper…

11 thoughts on “Nassar victim: Women leading this case empowered me

  1. yes Henry this short vid fits right into yesterday’s topic………stupid dumbass sheltered victimized women are going to be in for a very rude awakening IF this commie agenda is allowed to progress to its final conclusion….these radical lesbian man haters don’t give two pinches of owl $hit about them …….these beasts despise women loving men as much as they do men……when victims realize they are being used as a means to an end it will be way too late…..Our remedies exist in our Bill of Rights/ Common Law ………your presentation of the BoR/Common Law located at this site is the tutorial for everyone….all of us must do what we can to disseminate that excellent work

  2. Agree.
    And the emasculation of men around the world continues… I saw several articles just yesterday about an annual fund raising event in London that garners millions for children’s hospitals and such all over England. It has now been shut down after 33 years because of two “undercover journalists” who wrote a scathing article about men behaving like men at this function.
    Now there will be no more philanthropic donations for the kids…I hope these man-haters are happy they’ve ridden this bandwagon to their 15 minutes of “fame”.

  3. The gender war began long ago (with the Rockefeller-funded “woman’s liberation movement) but it looks like they’re grasping at straws to give it new life. The result will be a lot of homeless, and childless old ladies who were dumb enough to latch onto this nonsense for their “empowerment”.

    They’ll work any angle they can to divide the American people.

    A more important aspect of this Nassar case that Henry mentioned on last night’s show was the judge’s tactic of allowing a gaggle of “victims” into the court to make accusations that weren’t subject to cross-examination, or normal due process procedures, because as he said, once this precedent is set, you’ll see it repeated.

    They do this all the time to get unpopular laws and policies passed. Capitol punishment comes to mind as an example; they’ll find the most heinous criminals ever arrested, publicize a long list of crimes and atrocities so the public demands their death, or at least feels it’s justified, and once the practice is allowed, they have the ability to kill whomever they want to.

  4. Congratulations to this misguided twat for carrying today’s torch for the joo created women’s “liberation” movement. Nothing says “liberation” quite like being forced to slave all day so a huge portion can be gutted from your earnings. I’d also like to congratulate this brain dead, drug addled zombie for being able to use the word “women” 4 times in less than 9 seconds…

    1. Yeah, I noticed that, too. Almost robot-like.

      I search my life, family, community, for woman who ain’t buyin’ in. They’re hard to find ’cause the programming is so thick. But when you start explaining to them about divide and conquer and about nature and its balance of yin and yang, they seem to get it that men are not the enemy they’ve been told they are. Much to undo and rebuild, but I’ll keep at it. Communism is very cunning.

      T.V. has done so much damage. I think pressure has to be put on male celebs to not accept roles that diminish or degrade them. But really it’s all contracts (code for you’ll do what we tell you) so I don’t know how much the actors get to choose. Yeah, we’re way past this point and maybe I’m grabbing at straws but grabbing is better than not grabbing at all. Okay, flee, you can make a grabbing joke now.


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