National Presto wins $64.5 million defense contract

Journal Sentinel – by Paul Gores

The defense products unit of National Presto Industries Inc. has been awarded a $64.5 million contract to produce ammunition, the company said Tuesday.

The new award, which went to National Presto’s AMTEC Corp. subsidiary, is part of a five-year deal with the U.S. Army starting in 2010 to supply 40mm practice and tactical ammunition. Deliveries are scheduled largely for 2014 and 2015. The new order brings the total amount awarded to AMTEC under the current 40mm contract to $477.8 million, the company said.  

In addition to making ammunition, National Presto, based in Eau Claire, designs and sells small kitchen appliances and absorbent incontinence products for adults.

One thought on “National Presto wins $64.5 million defense contract

  1. National presto did this during Viet Nam, and I think that they did this during WW2. They wouldn`t be doing this now if they were not preparing for something……………. I find it realy strange that Presto is a major small kitchen appliance company and also makes absorbant products for incontinent adults and now they are once again makine ammo for the military. Talk about different products that they make there at Presto.

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