5 thoughts on “Nationwide School Walkout On September 10th

    1. The smiley was suppose to be a reply to Swifty. Spot on, brother!, and not condoning a couple hand full.
      What school?!
      (POS computerized transceiver/tracker!)
      As Enemy of the State stated… All or nothing.

      1. If you don’t do what we want, we’ll throw a fit and stomp our feet . Ahahahaha, yeah that will work. Great examples they set for the children.

        All or nothing is Exactly what it will take.
        Hope all is well with you Hal.

  1. Can’t be only 5-20 people , folks
    Everyone needs to show their power
    We stand
    They fall

    It’s what we want
    Not what they order
    Your world to run
    Not the world running you

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