NBA Commits To Transforming Every Arena Into A 2020 Voting Location

Zero Hedge – by Tyler Durden

It looks like grandstanding NBA stars like LeBron James, who have been pushing for the league to do something “social justice-ey” after failing to shut down the postseason, have finally gotten their wish.

Adam Silver has apparently consented to a new arrangement whereby all the leagues arenas will be transformed into 2020 voting locations.

That way, people can feel safe voting in person. Somebody should probably tell them that the last thing Democrats want is a workaround that deflates their argument for mail-in voting. The league has also announced that it’s taking a “series of further steps” to advance the social justice agenda as well.

Play will resume over the weekend.

Meanwhile, roughly 100 NBA employees based in New York went on “strike” on Friday in solidarity with the NBA and WNBA players pushing for social justice.

They reportedly spent the day calling elected officials.

Considering that the NBA is so far in China’s pocket that even the mighty LeBron James suggested that “free speech has its negatives” when the CCP brought the league to its knees after that disastrous Daryl Morey tweet voicing support for protesters in Hong Kong, we can’t help but wonder: Is this some kind of Beijing-approved electoral tampering? Is President Xi doing everything in his power to get out the vote in the US?

Think for a second. Who is facing a greater threat of state-backed “oppression”? Middle Class American college students? Or the people of Hong Kong?

3 thoughts on “NBA Commits To Transforming Every Arena Into A 2020 Voting Location

  1. Haha! So they need athletes to encourage people to vote now?

    “Vote and get your picture taken with Lebron James!“

    Wow! It’s like a reality tv show just waiting to happen.


  2. Vote early, vote often, hell just make sure you do it to keep the illusion of choice alive!

    But whatever you do, don’t do anything that would actually ever work.

    Trust the plan, trust the orange man, trust the nra, the cdc, fda, fbi, cia, abc, cbs, cnn, infowhores, anonymous, pick ANY from the menu they have prepared for you, but for God’s sake don’t you dare think for yourself and come to the realization that the ONE way they haven’t proposed as an option is the one that’ll actually work to make US free.

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