NBC contributor becomes spokesperson for controversial group accused of ‘normalizing pedophilia’

The Post Millennial – by Libby Emmons

NBC contributor Noah Berlatsky is now the Communications Director for Prostasia, a not-for-profit group that is reportedly attempting to legitimize pedophilia under the guise of helping children. As part of his work with the group, he has written about legitimizing “trans children,” conducted interviews about the positive impact of pornography on children, and how the best way to help children who are trafficked into the sex trade is to “decriminalize the sex industry.

Prostasia offers pedophiles a MAP Support Club, which “is a peer support chat for minor attracted people who are fundamentally against child sexual abuse and committed to never harm children, and is a safe space to have peer support in times of trouble.” This group is for people who are aged 13 and up.

Prostasia bills itself as “a new kind of child protection organization” that has a different approach to protecting children than the current methods of social work and law enforcement, saying that these approaches “are less effective than they should be, because they are driven by emotion rather than evidence.”

That is one that involves embracing those that are self-identified pedophiles. The idea is that with support, these “minor attracted persons” can be “committed to never offending.” Timothy N. Fury, writing for Prostasia, says that for pedophiles,

“The most common struggle is not with child sexual abuse images,” and that many of these people are looking “for recommendations on where to get professional help.” While Fury writes that “Some minor-attracted people do struggle with viewing sexually harmful images, and they are provided with the support needed to stop.”

And for Fury, this is personal; “…these people are not the majority of us,” he writes. “No, the majority of us struggle with basic mental health issues—some diagnosed, some not—and just need a place to talk about things they feel they can never talk to friends and family members about. Many of these minor attracted people are children themselves.” Fury’s piece is just one in defense of pedophilia as a predilection.

Berlatsky previously wrote that “Pedophiles are essentially a stigmatized group.”

Berlatsky promotes the work of UC Berkeley lecturer Alexandra Lutnick, writing “Most young people who trade sex don’t see themselves as victims, Lutnick emphasizes. They often see themselves as resourceful individuals who are doing what they need to survive in difficult circumstances.”

He has written that fascists “love accusing people of pedophilia” because “it’s an explosive accusation linked historically to queer people and Jewish people and sex workers.”

Berlatsky writes for Prostasia that there’s an issue with the term “trafficking” itself, saying that it “conflates underage people trading sex, consensual sex work, immigration, and all kinds of labor exploitation in all industries.” He claims that to use the word trafficking for child sex trafficking is a “deliberately obfuscating term which is basically designed to target sex workers rather than labor exploitation.”

Berlatsky has said that “parents are tyrants. ‘parent’ is an oppressive class, like rich people or white people.”

Writing for 4W, Anna Slatz explains that “Prostasia sees the threat pedophiles pose to children as a bogeyman dreamed up by the alt-right, while condemning anti-pedophile sentiment as harmful ‘Nazi-like’ rhetoric which requires mass censorship across social media.”


The rest is here: https://thepostmillennial.com/nbc-contributor-prostasia-normalizing-pedophilia

2 thoughts on “NBC contributor becomes spokesperson for controversial group accused of ‘normalizing pedophilia’

  1. “Noah” can just get back on his ark and take the rest of the sickos with him and they can all sail off to Sicklandia – if they make it there alive.


  2. Sic fck
    Maybe some kid wil end Him for us all

    Seems like the kids have more balls before they are fully indoctrinated
    It’s been reported before we’re a child kills his / her abuser
    I’m rooting for them all ,, and the best part when this happens
    There’s nothing they can do to the kid legally

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