NC House approves bill on background checks for welfare recepients

WNCN – by Associated Press

RALEIGH, N.C – The North Carolina House has approved a bill mandating background checks for welfare recipients.

The bill that passed 106-6 Thursday requires all social services employees to perform background checks to bar applicants and recipients with outstanding warrants or other active violations from welfare and food stamp programs. Employees would have to report them to law enforcement.  

Bill sponsor Rep. Dean Arp, a Republican from Monroe, noted the federal government already prohibits giving public assistance to fleeing felons and others with active violations.

Arp appeased many opponents after providing assurances that county offices won’t shoulder additional costs. Some Democrats previously expressed concern about creating new burdens for social services employees and the perception that the bill unfairly singles out poor people for distrust.

The bill now heads to the Senate.

5 thoughts on “NC House approves bill on background checks for welfare recepients

  1. OK then, now instead of eating with food stamps, they’ll have to
    commit robberies and shoot cops to eat.. Swell//

  2. My question is if all welfare recipients have to have a background check then does that include all gov workers and politicans?If we pay for the welfair recipients and we pay for all the gov workers and politicans then what’s the differance?Government assintance is gov assintance no matter who gets it.

  3. Of course this wont affect THE HOARDS OF ILLEGAL MESCANS SWARMING OUR NATION LIKE LOCUSTS 50 or 60 MILLION of these foreign invaders can still sign up for YOUR social security and food stamps and a medical card with the applications handily located at the border for speedy processing

  4. So I’m guessing that when all the people who would normally use the welfare system discover this turn of events (if it passes), they’ll be out robbing and thieving instead.

    I’m also guessing that they’ll be perpetrating mainly in ‘gun free zones’.

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