Nearly 40% of Marines have rejected coronavirus vaccine as Dems call on Biden admin to make shots mandatory for troops – reports


Just shy of 40 percent of Marine Corps service members have refused to take the coronavirus jab, new data provided to the media shows. The revelation comes as Democratic lawmakers push to make the vaccine mandatory for soldiers.

Some 75,500 Marines have agreed to be vaccinated as of Thursday, while around 48,000 have declined the inoculation, CNN reported, citing numbers provided by the branch. That puts the rejection rate at 38.9%, slightly higher than the 33% rate for the whole military given by defense officials.

Marine spokeswoman Colonel Kelly Frushour explained that Marines may be refusing the shot for a number of reasons, including allowing others in more vulnerable groups to take it first, allergies to the vaccine or obtaining it by other, non-military means.

Frushour stressed the need to “build vaccine confidence” among servicemen, adding that reluctant troops can always “change their mind and become vaccinated when next the opportunity presents itself.”

Another 102,000 or so Marines, including active-duty and reserve troops, are still in line for the immunization and have not had a chance to accept or decline.

The rejection rate was much higher at certain bases, such as Camp Lejeune, a major Marine installation in North Carolina, where 57% of service members have refused to take the shot.

While the military is currently barred from mandating any of the coronavirus vaccines rolled out in the US, as each has received only emergency FDA approval rather than full authorization, some in Congress have pressed the Joe Biden administration to change that.

In a letter sent to the White House last month, a group of Democratic lawmakers led by California Rep. Jimmy Panetta argued that unvaccinated soldiers pose a “critical threat to our national security and public health,” calling on the president to issue a waiver overriding the rules – as well as the “informed consent” of the troops.

“Vaccinating every eligible service member will improve readiness and have an immediate and positive impact on the communities in which they serve,” Panetta wrote in the letter, which was co-signed by six House Democrats.

Requiring [the Defense Department] to obtain informed consent prior to vaccination is not only harmful to our national security, but contrary to the best interests of service members, their families, communities and colleagues.

Service members are not permitted to decline other fully approved immunizations.

Other survey data suggests that around 25% Americans at large are not willing to be vaccinated against the coronavirus.

10 thoughts on “Nearly 40% of Marines have rejected coronavirus vaccine as Dems call on Biden admin to make shots mandatory for troops – reports

    1. Thank you, Bob. Quite a power-packed 10 minutes, and good (urgent) for passing on to any still on the fence; although, and after all that’s come out, if they’re still on the fence, they may stay there FOREVER!!

      But this got me wonderin’ ’bout those who’ve already been vaxxed and then woke up to the truth of it. The speaker says that there is no undoing it. @9:26 he states: “The damage that may be done to your body and health by vaccine is irreversible. Once you are vaccinated, you cannot un-vaccinate.”

      Very likely true, but I want it to not be true, and for me it’s possibly untrue. I know that’s probably going up against all known science, but I come out of the hippie times where we always made room for healing by nutrition, cleansing, and fasting. I mean I wonder if those could clear out that very toxic substance. There are some amazing claims from people who healed through these methods, some adding fresh air, colloidal silver, etc. They healed what they were told they couldn’t heal.

      Maybe I’m bringin’ this up because almost my whole family and extended family have been vaxxed. Man, I wish I felt happy today.


  1. They’ll take it as well as any other orders they’re given yet still want to be paraded as heroes and defenders.

    I have ZERO faith in them as long as they adhere to calling themselves the name given to them by their gang leaders and massahs and continue to serve them. Same as joos. If you’re still calling yourself it, you have an allegiance to THEM as opposed to an individual upholding individual Rights.

  2. I’m surprised if isn’t already mandatory.
    But that 40% are probably the ones who will not follow orders to attack americans.
    Or its just all the officers.

  3. 75,500 marines being vaccinated is still way too many. Wake up, you clowns! I’ll support you when you have the balls to actually defend the and support the American people.

      1. They’re always trying to belittle and slander those who go against their diabolical filth. “Transphobia, homophobia etc.” We’re not “afraid” of these marxist pawns! We simply see them for the aberration they are and don’t want their disease crammed down ours and our children’s throats, ya sk fks.

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