Nearly every young American voter wants an independent candidate on the ballot – poll


A “shocking” 91 percent of young American voters would like to see an independent candidate on the November ballot to challenge presumptive candidates Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, a new poll shows.

According to a Data Targeting survey, 55 percent of Americans polled between May 12 and 15 favor having an independent presidential candidate to consider this year, in addition to the two traditional party choices.  

Even more “shocking,” however, is that 91 percent of those 29 years of age and younger are up for a three-way race.

While there are still two months left before the party conventions in July, Data Targeting believes that “as it stands today, the most likely scenario is that Hillary Clinton will win the general election,” despite her main rival, GOP frontrunner Donald Trump, enjoying popular support.

Regardless of how the election plays out for either candidate, neither enjoys a significant lead in this poll. In fact, the majority of respondents had an unfavorable impression of Clinton, 56 percent, and Trump, 55 percent.

Fifty-eight percent of the polled Americans said that they were dissatisfied with both the current Republican and Democratic presidential candidates. Another 65 percent said they were “at least somewhat, pretty or very willing” to vote for a candidate who is neither Clinton nor Trump.

In a Data Targeting ballot test simulating a theoretical three-way race between “a truly independent candidate” and Clinton and Trump, the intruder won resoundingly with 56 percent of the vote, while Trump received support from 11 percent of respondents, and Clinton garnered only 7 percent.

The survey involved 997 active registered voters from 50 states and the District of Columbia with a margin of error of plus or minus 3.1 percentage points.

6 thoughts on “Nearly every young American voter wants an independent candidate on the ballot – poll

  1. As soon as you see the word “poll”, you should assume the entire article is a steaming crock of shit that’s going to contradict everything you see with your own eyes, and usually other polls, as well.

    I don’t care if Trump wins, loses, or dies, but “the polls” show him trailing Hillary in a close race. How is this possible when Trump appearances fill stadiums with enthusiastic voters, and other candidates have to pay for crowds to appear?

    Hillary is the most hated, and least trusted woman in America, and she’s still “neck and neck” with someone the American people actually want in the White House (because they’re idiots).

    We see the same disconnect between gun control polls, and gun sales. These BS polls are only an attempt to change popular opinion by trying to convince people that everyone but them believes in one lie or another.

    Turn off the TV and talk to your neighbors, and you’ll always get a completely different impression than “the polls” impart.

  2. the link worked for me. any who it is a pdf,



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    -depth look at the operations of Section 2 of the 14th Amendment
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    maybe this will help.

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