Needle-FREE Bio-Weapon called COVIGEN – JET INJECTS the Poisonous DNA Code Directly INTO the CELLS!

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20 Jun 2022

Source —> ⁣….nal/coronavirus-need

⁣NOTE, This TRIAL began last YEAR old on ⁣June 21, 2021 and the COMPLETION date for this Needle-FREE DNA Jet INJECTED Juice called ⁣COVIGEN is on ⁣June 30, 2022! —> ⁣

I am a STRONG advocate for the RIGHT to “BARE ARMS”, which means the RIGHT to own and operate a handgun, shotgun or rifle but NOW it ALSO means the RIGHT to display my “BARE ARMS” without the possibility of being JET INJECTED with Poisonous DNA by this NEW JAB-o-CIDE Technology! This WAR on Humanity continues to ESCULATE and NO amount of INJURY or DEATH from these Genetic BIO-WEAPONS called “Vaccines” are having any IMPACT toward STOPPING this EVIL NWO plans!

⁣First Australian COVID-19 DNA vaccine trial (⁣25 June 2021) —> commences ⁣….-opinion/news/2021/0

United States Amendment II – A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.

⁣The Covalia trial is using a jet injector to deliver a DNA vaccine to healthy volunteers.

⁣COVALIA (COVid vaccine trial for austrALIA): A phase I, double-blind, dose-ranging, randomised, placebo-controlled trial to study the safety and immunogenicity of a DNA-based vaccine against COVID-19 (COVIGEN) in healthy participants aged 18 to 75 years o —> ⁣….u/projects/covalia-c

⁣”What we’re doing in this particular trial is just taking the DNA code and using a special needle-free device, to force under mechanical force that DNA genetic code into the cells,” the trial’s lead investigator, Associate Professor Nick Wood from the University of Sydney, said.

The device is already used in the US to deliver the flu jab but is only approved in Australia for research.

“It really is the key to get the genetic code into the cells,” Dr Wood said.

The approach is different to how currently approved vaccines are created.
Pfizer’s mRNA vaccine is coated with fatty nanoparticles to deliver the genetic code while AstraZeneca’s vaccine uses a harmless virus to infect the cells.

The Covigen vaccine is designed to deliver DNA instructions to teach the body’s cells to make the COVID-19 spike proteins, the knobs that project from the surface of the virus, so the immune system can build a defence.

⁣Telethon Kids Institute researchers are calling for participants for Australia’s first needle-free, gene-based COVID-19 vaccine study. —> ⁣…

⁣Ed just shared on our family group about the current number of deaths and how this isn’t being reported on news etc but is available on govt website and then his mum said “well you have to weigh this up against Covid deaths” 🙄
Then Ed’s brother in law sent this:


The number of deaths in the world in the last 3 months of 2020

314,687 : Corona virus
340,584 : Malaria
353,696 : suicide
393,479 : road accidents
240,950 : HIV
558,471 : alcohol
816,498 : smoking
1,167,714: Cancer

2019: estimated1.8M TB deaths
2020: estimated1.4M TB deaths

Do you now think Corona is dangerous?
Is it a Panic created by Pharma companies to sell their products like sanitizer, masks, medicine etc… and VACCINES while discrediting non-vax treatmemt alternatives.

Do not Panic & don’t kill yourself with unecessary fear. This posting is to balance your newsfeed from posts that caused fear and panic.

If you do contract Coronavirus, this still is not a cause for panic because of the active CV-19 cases:

81% are MILD
14% are MODERATE
Only 5% are CRITICAL

Which means that if you do get the virus, you are most likely to RECOVER from it.

Some have said, “but this is worse than SARS and SWINE FLU!” SARS had a fatality rate of 10%, Swine flu 28% while COVID-19 has a fatality rate of 2%

Let’s take one day like 01May as an example when Covid 19 took lives of 6406 in the world. On that same day:
26,283 people died of Cancer
24,641 people died of Heart Disease
4,300 people died of Diabetes
Suicide took 28 times more lives than the virus did.

Mosquitoes kill 2,740 people every day, HUMANS kill 1,300 fellow humans every day, and Snakes kill 137 people every day. (Sharks kill 2 people a year)



LAUGH -its good for the lungs and heart.


The Biggest Virus is not Corona but FEAR !

3 thoughts on “Needle-FREE Bio-Weapon called COVIGEN – JET INJECTS the Poisonous DNA Code Directly INTO the CELLS!

  1. great article thanks for posting, but yet the mush brains will disregard all those stats and say you know John died of Covid last week but good thing he was vaxxed it could’ve been worst

  2. “You have to weigh this up against covid deaths.” Covid does not exist, therefore, there were zero covid deaths. Seeing it from the outside looking in at this big, fat fraud, I see how wasteful of our time and energy these past 2 years going on 3, have been. Some of our life long friends and family defied our warnings and they rolled up their sleeves and bore their arms. Some of them had careers as public health nurses who made a good living working in the “communicable disease” industry. Now, I stand by and watch as their lives are taken by the poisons causing any one or more on the list of diseases mentioned in this article. The common cold or the flu, re-branded as covid, are how the diseased body cleanses itself of toxic build up. They never learned that, even when as simple as it is to understand, we did what we could do to teach them.

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