6 thoughts on “Neil Oliver: Government leaders are frightened of their own people – and there’s a lot of us

  1. Australia wasn’t the canary in the coal mine
    Venezuela was
    Or at least from my perspective
    A lot of people have forgotten the Venezuelans were once armed too
    Until recently ,and than what happened to their socialist hell hole when the money ran out ?
    Chaos and storm troopers forcing the will of the empowered

    Aussies , this is where the rubber meets the road
    Time to fight
    Those pigs in armor have to sleep and eat
    Their cars need repairs
    Their homes need work done to them
    Find out who they all are
    That’s where this bullshit stops
    Right on the oppressors own front door step
    I guarantee that if you band together and show the enforcers your coming for them all
    You just might see their fear and power change into the fearful running

  2. “Find out who they all are”

    THIS! Decades of protesting over this & that has been nothing but entertainment for the self-appointed rulers. START PLAYING SMARTER! Nothing less than full-spectrum warfare tactics are used on us everyday because… WE ARE AT WAR! The saying goes – “never take a knife to a gun fight” but what I’m seeing lately in Australia is people going to a literal gunfight with NOTHING!!! STOP PLAYING INTO THEIR HANDS! IT’S TIME TO THINK ABOUT EMPLOYING PROPER TACTICS & PLAYING TO YOUR STRENGTHS NOT YOUR WEAKNESSES! This is only going to escalate because they have been planning for this for decades. Military documents from the 80s & 90s discussed the coming escalating riots in the timeframe we have now entered! Read the Art of War if you must but stop confronting faceless force with nothing! Frontline warfare IS ALWAYS VIOLENT. Don’t go there expecting anything less & be prepared to give way more than you receive if this is your chosen method of combat but consider also that there may be way more effective & efficient ways to defeat an enemy. One might find out who ALL of these pig enforcers are by name & every detail about them. One might find out where they live & who else lives there. One might find out everything about them. One might use their knowledge in the strongest possible ways. Covert tactics are definitely the way to go. They keep detailed records on all of us & employ these tactics daily so one might start doing it to all of them now. There are many, many old sayings that suggest what can be done if one might apply some thought & strategy. One that comes to mind is “an army marches on it’s stomach”. Who feeds them? Where does their food come from? The possibilities are endless if you just step back from the frontline, let the emotion subside for a moment & think.

  3. I have investigated economics law, politics, for 40 years and I have discovered that bankers have never lent one cent to anyone its mathematically, legally, and accounting impossible. Its all a fraud of epic proportion. The existing so-called pandemic is to inject as many people as possible with the biological weapon. Yes they are fearfull that they want to elimiate as many people as possible. because the existing economic criminal system is about to collapse so they invented the Covid. But it will back fire. This is an opportunity for all the people to take the proper action and get rid of the parassites. They will not stop at the covid. Most of them have been salivating at a genocide for over 2000 years. If the law applied to most existing and ex government’s officials they would all be charged and found guilty inter alia; treason,Sedition and genocide. Now the solution is in our hands. Lets not waste this opportunity. There never was any pandemic. To belive that the so-called governments are really interested in our health and well being is a big joke. If they really cared about the people why have they allowed the bankers to defraud everyone since at least 1694 when the Bank of England was establshed. All bank’s issued so-called debt are a fraud, which has lead to excessive extortion in the name of taxes or paying our fair share. The World so-called debt is $300 Trillion, the annual world production is $70, Trillion. this means that we have $4.00 debt for producing $1.00. Its self-evident that there must be a fraud. I have an ocean of evidence to demonstrate that all mortgages, credit cards, governmetn so-called debts, etc are a fraud of epic proportion. Consider the wealth that can be accumulated by lending nothing and earning interest charges?
    Most gov. officials would have to be charged with treason and I belive the penalty is hanging. I strongly suggest that the people establish The Common law court and charge all existing and ex government officials with treason I have an ocean of evidence to prove it. The pirates also control the education system to keep us ignorant and they control the so-called justice system. So if anyone is interested I can help to set up the People’s Common Law Court. And least get rid of the parassites once for all. We are dealing with psycopaths, pathological liars narcisists megalomaniacs. they use the governments as prostitutes as a front. All these crimes have been committed in the name of Queen Elizabeth II.

  4. Further to my last comments, all the crimes mentioned previouslly have been commited in Australia, Canada, NewZeland, England in the name of Queen Elizabeth II.

  5. Australia, at least from my perspective, appears to be the Beta test for what they want to do here. They were obviously chosen because it’s an island and we can’t get in there to help them.

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