Netanyahu Family Faces Down Prison – Clinton Family Face Down Luxury Living

One thing is for sure, when the Israeli people find out about corrupt leaders, they move quick, they’re not like America, where  corrupt leaders skate seemingly forever after allegations of murder, money laundering, misappropriated charity funds, illegal favors for cash hidden under the guise of worthless speeches that did nothing to further America’s well being.

The Clinton’s fleeced American and other countries taxpayers for millions, live in luxury, boasting addresses that only millionaires brag about. Mafia bank rolls feeding luxury dinners out, luxury transportation, multi thousand dollar shopping sprees, APO stock profits, and God knows what else their blood money has brought this scum bag family. 

Unknowing tax payers from around the world have unknowingly stuffed the Clintons pockets full of cash. Chelsea Clinton and family are given huge job offers paying hundreds of thousands of dollars with zero expertise for the job.

American Nationals are waiting for an accounting of how the equally corrupt FBI is going to account, adjudicate and imprison these creatures. There are so many equally corrupt in their wake, that it would take a building the size of the Pentagon to adequately fit the accused and to hold court.

Hollywood scum bags such as Robert De Niro sticks his tongue down the Clinton’s throat in appreciation, seemingly green lighting all their illegal activity. More reason to treat Hollywood as the enemy. A Jew run juggernaut of corruption, who feeds this garbage.

8 thoughts on “Netanyahu Family Faces Down Prison – Clinton Family Face Down Luxury Living

  1. Oh, stop it. No one from Netanyahu’s family is going to jail. We’re just exporting our endless political crime drama to Israel to provide people there with the illusion of justice, too.

    The indictments are being handed down. There will be a senate investigation, a congressional inquiry, a blue-ribbon panel and a special prosecutor…blah, blah, blah….

    The only politicians that actually face punishment are those who defy the will of the bankers.

  2. I write these articles because I hate these creatures. I know what reality is, I just want people to read my words of discust. I,m not looking for a Pulitzer. I told Henry that back in 2011. it’s about directing attention, showing this site knows what the hell is going on, giving no quarter to anybody.

    I like to write how Henry talks, no bullshit, truth only. Just as all the other authors who write on this site.

    1. Not sure Israelis move “quickly”, but I love what you said about DeNiro! Another reason we “cut the cord…er, dish”–I’ve lost count on the number of Hollywood actors I am boycotting, not because they hate Trump, but because they are the biggest damned hypocrites on Earth (even worse than Bono!)

  3. Another reason Benny the Yahoo belongs in jail–in the movie by an Israeli Jew documentary maker called “Rabin: The Last Day” (watch on Netflix), this SOB is telling his settler supporters (the killer of Rabin, Yagil Amir, was a settler AND a Talmudist!) basically congrats on supporting the assassination of Rabin. That’s like if Nixon or LBJ or another psycho has told their supporters congrats on assassinating JFK (not that Rabin was a JFK….)

  4. Thanks Mark, and I hope you’re right about Bibi goin’ bye-bye. I have been wondering if he will be made a fall guy just to deflect some heat and appease some critics and because we’re “ready for a change.” Of course that would mean millionaires’ prison or witness protection, with luxury lifestyle still assured. But he’s been so big, the great front-man of the Zio cause. But something is certainly brewing. Bet we’ll soon see a new face put forth to lead the chosen to their prophecy fulfilled. Ha! Not on our watch.

    Glad you brought this to light, and don’t forget, the wisest person on the planet, the one individual that can lead us out of all this is, in fact, Chelsea Clinton!!! She just plays coy and innocent. Teehee. Chelsea for President of the Universe!!!

    Again: Not on our watch. In fact, NEVER!!!!!!


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