Netanyahu in Washington DC to Lay Down the Law – Oy

Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu is in Washington DC.  He will meet with President Obama today.  Obama is expected to take a knee and kiss his ring to chants of “Oy yee  Oy yee” after which it is expected that the president of the United States is in for a good talking to.  It would seem the mighty country of Israel has grown tired of pussy footing around with its US colony.

Netanyahu is expected to tell Obama that Israel will attack Lebanon or Iran at its own discretion and once the seeds of war have been sown, the US will provide the blood to see the plan through to fruition in the form of a complete destruction of Lebanon and the capture of Iranian oil.

If you have ever doubted the Zionist infiltration into our government and its influence over our media, you may stop now.  As mentioned in previous articles, Jewish-Americans only represent 1.7% of our population yet exercise dominant control in our government.

Yesterday, in preparation for meeting his Excellency Netanyahu, the Israeli lapdog Obama spoke before AIPAC, the lobbying group for the Israeli government, where he pledged the lives and fortunes of every American to the Zionist world conquest.

Today Obama will beg Netanyahu to hold off on his Middle Eastern surge until after the 2012 election as it is common knowledge that the overwhelming majority of Americans oppose any further US involvement in conflicts in the Middle East.  However in the end, Obama will follow orders.

Think about AIPAC.  Think about the fact that not only Israel but many other foreign governments have lobbying groups that push their agenda in our government.  We all know that the Yiddish word “lobbying” when translated into English is “bribery”.  We also all know that as common citizens we have been disenfranchised, and quite frankly our government could care less what we think or what we want, and the only way we are going to change this is by putting Ron Paul into office and having our rights restored.

If it were not for the coming election there are few who would argue that we would not already be involved in another war in the Middle East or Northern Africa.  The fact is the mongers of the industrial war complex are chomping at the bit and are prepared to invade the day after the election.

I believe they will invade even if Ron Paul is elected as they will have nothing to lose.  They may very well commit such a diabolical act that it will be inevitable that the conflict will escalate into a world war via the interventions of Russia and China.

We have to remember that the Israeli Zionists and the traitors in our government that serve them put zero value on our lives and see our destruction as nothing more than an opportunity to accumulate our wealth.

We must be vigilant and pray God stay the hands of evil until we can regain control of our Republic.

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