Netanyahu To Obama: Attack Iran Or We Will


(Times of Israel) Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is reportedly to launch a new, last-ditch effort in the next few days to persuade the United States to credibly revive the military option against Iran.

If this proves unsuccessful, Channel 2 reported, Netanyahu will have to decide whether to launch an attack on Iran’s nuclear facilities by this winter at latest, because after that, the report indicated, the assessment is that Israel’s window for military intervention will close.  

Israel desperately wants to see the Obama Administration harden its position on Iran immediately — to convey to Iran that if it does not halt its nuclear program, its regime will not survive. Instead, however, Jerusalem sees what it considers an overly tolerant and patient attitude by Washington DC to Tehran, the Channel 2 report said.

10 thoughts on “Netanyahu To Obama: Attack Iran Or We Will

  1. Israel wouldn’t dare attack Iran, they know they’d get their sorry asses kicked.

    But they might set off another FALSE FLAG against the USA, like they did on 9/11 to trick Americans into demanding that Iran be bombed.

  2. American Nationals to Netanyahu. We are tired of taking orders from a Zionist. Shut your beak and fight your own wars.

    1. Draft all the zionist dual citizens in the US government to go fight your wars.We don’t want them here anyway.

  3. Go for it man and get your asses wiped. Your threats are so old they have cobwebs. Get on with it.

  4. Wow, some great reply’s. No trolls on this site. Go f**k yourself Net-in-yahoo, and take all your neo-con infiltrators with you to fight Iran.

  5. Oh, THAT’S rich, you Zionist pukes. When have you pussies EVER gone out and fought your own wars?

    Excepting the Six Day War, you’ve ALWAYS gotten others to do the fighting, while you sit around like vultures, waiting to scavenge the rotting carcasses.

    Your days are numbered, your time grows short.

  6. The ONLY area where I like Obama is in his refusal to carry out an attack against Iran at the request of our owners in Tel Aviv.
    Obama has obviously been dragging his feet on this issue & Nuttyyahoo is losing his mind over how to get this destruction of Iran rolling.
    I can think of nothing more hilarious & entertaining than watching Russia vaporize several Israeli cities along with the vermin that reside in them.

  7. You know I am really sick and tired of these Talmudists who believe they are God’s “Chosen” (Christ referred to them as the Synagogue of a certain Biblical evil spirit) trying to get their Goyim “slaves” (us Gentiles) to fight their battles for them. Then again, they couldn’t even beat Hezbolla…some “Chosen” people!

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