Nevada brothels run by Dennis Hof under investigation for immigration violations, possibly sex trafficking

New York Daily News – by Kate Feldman

An investigation into three Nevada brothels run by reality TV star-turned-politician Dennis Hof found immigration violations and indications of possible human trafficking, according to the Lyon County Sheriff’s Department and U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

A four-month probe into Bunny Ranch, Kit Kat Ranch and the Love Ranch North found 19 expired work cards among employees, as well as US immigration law violations, foreign country human trafficking indicators, fraudulent statements, issuance of work cards prior to completing criminal history background checks and an inability to validate out-of-state and US and other foreign national documents to determine identity.

Hof, who won the Republican state primary in June for a seat in the Nevada assembly, said that the sheriff’s department is responsible for screening employees, not him.

“It’s on the county, not us,” Hof told Reuters.

According to the Lyon County Sheriff’s Department, all brothel employees are required to register for a work card for the specific brothel where they work, and the sheriff’s office is required to conduct regular inspections.

Nevada is the only state where prostitution is legal; only eight counties are legally allowed to have brothels.

“The discovery of US immigration law violations in our legal brothel system is extremely alarming. The ability to coerce, exploit and traffic non-US citizens into Lyon County by foreign criminal enterprises is going to be difficult to detect and deter by our limited capabilities and resources of foreign born applicants, which has caused us to develop better working partnerships with federal agencies to combat human trafficking efforts.” As a result, members of the US Immigration and Custom Enforcement have been helping us to better understand the requirements and procedures for processing foreign born applicants,” Sheriff Al McNeil said in a statement.

“This is the first time we applied a task force of multiple agencies for a work card compliance check. We already use this approach quite successfully to conduct compliance checks in other law enforcement areas, and we will give serious consideration to using this approach with future brothel compliance checks. In addition, I want to thank the US Immigration and Custom Enforcement team for their hard work and a job well done.”

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