Nevada Caucus Status Quo Election Fraud

Once again the international elite have shown their complete contempt for the American people of the American race as the elitist candidate Mitt Romney is portrayed as winning Nevada’s GOP Caucus, in spite of the fact that this contention defies logic and reality right down to the ground.  If we are to believe the results of this fraudulent election we would have to believe that a majority of the 99% are voting for Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich.

Mitt Romney was CEO of Bain Capital and it is undisputed that he has actively participated in dismantling US factories and moving them overseas for profit.  It is also undeniable that Romney has offshore accounts which are being used to further destroy our economy and move our jobs out of our country.

This is common knowledge, and yet we are expected to believe that a majority of the 99% voted for one of our most defined enemies.

Newt Gingrich has set himself apart as an elitist also.  It is common knowledge that Gingrich was removed from the Speakership because of what were called “ethic violations.”  You probably have noticed that the push to reveal the documentation of Gingrich’s crimes has somehow magically disappeared.

All of this, despite the fact that Gingrich received direct payments from the American taxpayers from Freddie Mac in helping to perpetuate the mortgage meltdown, and low and behold, hordes from the 99%, who have been directly hurt by this man, have come out to vote for him.

Again, this defies logic on every plane unless the argument could be made that, although we the people are coming out in the millions to participate in the Occupy movement even in the dead of winter, well we just must not be bothering to vote.

I believe if the true numbers were revealed they would show that Ron Paul not only won Nevada, but did so by a landslide.  I think the support for Paul was so strong that the elite were forced to double the number they intended to allow him.

I saw a clip of a DC cop swinging a bat baton at protesters and when I looked at the officer and the others around him, I saw the reality in all of its absolutism.  Look at this clip and when you see it realize this is not just a pack of black booted thugs beating on protesters trying to exercise their 1st Amendment right, but rather a microcosm of the macrocosm as, in the big scheme of things, the elite are using their wealth through in-your-face election fraud to beat back us patriots and Ron Paul.

We are superior to our enemies in numbers but it is becoming clearer every day that we are going to be forced to use those numbers to take back our Republic through a shooting war, as this is the only way we can break through the false reality being created by the elite through their media lapdogs.

In short, they can lie, cheat, and deceive in denying our numbers until our hands are filled with our liberty teeth.  They will force us to force the issue.

God bless this Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

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  1. Newt took second in Nevada, if that doesn’t tell you how rigged this thing was, nothing will convince you. If you had a “true” vote, a vote where every Nevadan actually had a vote, Paul would already be sitting in the White House as President of the United States. I’ve lived here in Nevada 20 years, everybody wanted Ron Paul. Only the filthy rich 1% voted or had any kind of a say.

    Another problem this state has, is that every radio talk show host is a millionaire richie rich. These clowns are dangerous and have done nothing but ruin this damn state with their BS talk over the air. They hate anybody who requires help from the government. None of these clowns are actually from Nevada either. They’re all transplants, mainly from neocon states, yet they pull huge weight and power because of the garbage and misinformation they spout over the air.

    One of the hosts, Heidi Harris is an exception, she was born in Nevada. She has become a huge disappointment as she has given in to the big money Fox News has offered her as a Fox News contributor.

    1. Mark,
      They are just out and out throwing away the Ron Paul votes.

      Something very wrong happened in Nevada. Here’s a quote I read a few days ago that had me ready for a huge victory in Nevada.

      “We have more IDs than Romney had votes in ’08,” said Paul’s state chairman, Carl Bunce, meaning identified supporters who have committed to attend Saturday’s caucuses across the state. He wouldn’t give a precise number, but Romney’s 2008 vote total in his big Nevada win was 22,649.”

      That made perfect sense to me because this time around, Ron Paul’s numbers in the first 4 states have been 2 to 5 times more than they were in 2008.

      This same article supported this with another piece of information.

      “The town clerk, she said, has reported being stunned by the number of former Democrats and independents the Paulites have gotten to register as Republicans in order to caucus for Paul. The volunteers have netted 800 new registrations, according to Bunce.”

      But the final results reported show that Ron Paul only got 39 more votes this time around vs. 2008, 415 in 2008 and 454 in 2012.

      Something just doesn’t add up here.

      Nye County gives us a great opportunity to figure it out. It’s small enough to be able to be able to get a complete accounting of the votes.

      If Nye County is so passionately for Ron Paul and if maybe 1000 people actually voted for him, it should be possible to get sworn affidavits from at least half saying that they voted for Ron Paul.

      It also should be possible for a few people from each precinct in Nye County to be able to say what they saw as the real time vote count at each caucus.

      Nye County is the perfect scenario to either prove vote fraud or to identify the huge problem of getting supporters out to actually vote. It’s a scale that is very manageable.

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