5 thoughts on “Nevadans form largest coalition in state history to battle antisemitism

  1. This hate crap is so completely dumb and pointless. You can’t stop people from hating each other, no more than you can stop the sun from shining. Some people just don’t like others. It’s just the way it is. It’s life, so these idiots better just deal with it. If they don’t like how they are treated then move someplace else.

    In the case of Zionists, they can go f$&k themselves. You don’t hear Cubans or Asians forming coalitions for people hating them. Grow up, people!

  2. Enjoyed the comments below the vid (didn’t bother watching. I see Brainwashing Nonsense, daily, with Mask/Jabtards). I’ve read a LOT of comments like that on other ‘the poor Jew’ vids – and then JooToob pulls the vid because no one was buying their Dog$h!t snow cones

  3. White power scares the people who arnt white
    Black Power scares the people who arnt black
    Black And White in unison is what scares the Jews …

    Im thinking its time for them to be terrified

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