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New app takes our fear of terror to the “next level” by sending voice alerts to entire communities


A new “free” app called SirenGPS is being billed “as a panic button that helps keep you safe.”

SirenGPS does much more than provide first responders with your location, they also want users to provide their personal medical information.  

“SirenGPS Mobile shares a cell caller’s location and personal profile with the emergency call taker, the dispatch operator.”

SirenGPS encourages people to create a personal profile with things like your photo, allergies or health conditions and emergency contacts.

Providing an app with all your personal medical information and location is a terrible idea.

Law enforcement and hackers will have a field day looking through the treasure trove of personal information you provided.

But this only scratches the surface of what SirenGPS is really about.

SirenGPS allows users to send mass “voice” alerts 

Looking at some of SirenGPS “features” reveals that you can use it for crime reporting and much more.

SirenGPS is hardly the only app designed to report crimes or suspicious people.

Unfortunately their is a long list of apps just like it, the French Quarter Task Force, I’ve Been Violated, the Circle of Six and OnWatchOnCampus. And they all have one thing in common, keep the cycle of fear going.

SirenGPS feeds into America’s fears of terrorism by allowing users to send “mass threat notifications” (panic alerts) to entire communities.

“Use Siren Alert to send real-time messages to specific groups, locations, buildings or your entire community. Siren Alert not only allows you to inform individuals of a crisis in their immediate vicinity, it lets you warn people as they approach a threat and steer them toward safety.”

In fact SirenGPS has a whole page dedicated to “Location Integrated Mass Notification” which reveals what the app is really about.

Users can send “notifications” to specific groups or to an entire community. The app “allows you to inform your community of potential threats in real-time.”

image credit: The Times

What Orson Wells would have given to have had something like this.

SirenGPS is taking DHS’s “See Something, Say Something” mentality to a whole new level by allowing users to send mass voice alerts!

“Load a list of contacts and start sending SMS, email and voice Alerts in a matter of minutes. Take Community Alerting to the next level with delivery to the free SirenGPS mobile app.”

That’s right an app allegedly designed to help people, appears to be nothing more than playing off of ones fears. If you live in missile panicked Hawaii you know what I mean.

Right about now, you should be hearing sirens going off, warning you to stay away from panic inducing apps like this.

SirenGPS’s app and other like it are a microcosm of everything that is wrong with post 9/11 America.


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One Response to New app takes our fear of terror to the “next level” by sending voice alerts to entire communities

  1. galen says:

    Heightened fear. Heightened spying. Confusion. Overload. Avenue for vendettas and crying wolf for attention. Turning everyone and anyone into a cop or an unqualified medic.

    “I’m here to help,” will lose even more of its meaning.


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