New bill would require Americans to vote in elections or face penalty


RIO GRANDE VALLEY, Texas (KVEO) — People could be fined for not voting in general elections if a bill recently introduced into Congress becomes law.

The Civic Duty to Vote Act was introduced to the House of Representatives on Monday. The bill is written by Rep. John Larson (CT-1).

The bill’s goal is to require each eligible citizen to appear to vote in each regularly scheduled general election for federal office. To be an eligible citizen, a person has to be registered to vote for an upcoming election.

If any eligible citizen is found to have not voted in the general election, a $20 civil money penalty will be assessed to these individuals.

However, the bill’s text allows Americans to get around the penalty if they are not registered to vote, are unable to vote because of an emergency, cannot follow the terms of the act because of religious beliefs, or if they are unaware of their eligibility to vote.

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4 thoughts on “New bill would require Americans to vote in elections or face penalty

  1. Ha!! Another way for them to take our money and also to get us into their database. How many years has Henry been sayin’ it?: “UN-REGISTER TO VOTE.”

    The un-registered WILL NOT sanction any part of their false shenanigans. They keep trying every angle to get us to cooperate, uh I mean heel. The un-registered have cast a vote for freedom, for The Bill of Rights.


  2. That just Screams FREEDOM now doesn’t it?

    fck these assholes , they will get nothing , and like it !

  3. This is unattainable being that the general elections are closed to 3rd party voters such as independents etc. That being so only democrats and Republicans are allowing to vote in the general election….someone please correct me if I’m wrong. If I’m correct this shows how short sighted and stupid these elected officials are by not knowing the laws/rules

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