6 thoughts on “New Exec Order Allows Mass Arrests of Deep State

  1. So dhs, a la chertoff(kike traitor), is AUTHORIZING militia the power to arrest “deep state” traitors?! Yeah, f’g right. Who the actual f is dhs, anyway?!

    Stop it some more . You’re killing me.

  2. Did Fulford make this video? Or did Christopher Story make it—from the grave? (Story had an American cohort but I forgot his name)–but Story was right sometimes….and he was right about William Mount for sure (Mount is as psy-op as they come).

  3. this video takes the March 1 2018 Executive order And title 10 USC 311 out of context. neither one mentions the militia as stated…where are you getting these facts and conclusions from. the executive order and USC title 10 sec 311 is about amending the UCMJ them to use foreign governments !!!
    Where dose it even imply militia? it doesn’t…Look them up, bullshit God told you wrong!

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