New Jobless Claims come in at a Seasonable Adjusted 358,000

New jobless claims came in at 358,000 for the week, seasonally adjusted of course, which is to say fraudulently conveyed.  Grab up a handful of pennies and count them.  When you are done, seasonally adjust those numbers and tell me what you did with the pennies you took away.  Did they cease to exist or did you just put them in another pile?

The question as to how many people went into an unemployment office or online and filed a new claim would seem as simple as counting pennies, would it not?  The actual number for the week of individuals who went into an unemployment office or online and filed a new claim is 397,810; meaning 38,810 were adjusted away for the season.  And what season is that?  Well election season of course.

The mainstream propagandists continue to put forth the lie, acknowledge that it is a lie, and use the fraudulent calculation to make further fraudulent calculations in every other area of our failing economy.

These are the facts.  There have been 5 million jobs lost, removed, not here in this country any more, since 2007.  There have been zero, zilch, not a single new job created and every day we are losing more.  The king has no clothes on and our country is headed straight to hell on a fast track as the corporations continue to make record profits through the continuing theft of our natural resources.

That sleazy little, nasal attentive, dirt bag Steve Moore, Senior Writer for the Wall Street Journal, admitted to all of the above on a FOX News broadcast, and then went on to say that hey, we have a good number.  The issue of the long term unemployed was then brought up and Moore admitted that the number was 3 million and growing.

The 3 million is another lie, the true number is closer to 18 million, but even at that, Moore suggested that if we would cut unemployment benefits, people wouldn’t stay unemployed so long.  Remember, he had just said that we had lost 5 million jobs and no new jobs have been created, but then asserted that people are staying unemployed because they are getting unemployment benefits.

This is a shining example of the unmitigated gall and arrogance of the corporate elite.  They sell us out, steal $32 trillion of our wealth, ship our jobs overseas, and then blame us for not being able to get another job because we are drawing on our unemployment insurance that we paid for for 30 or 40 years.  And yes, by God, we did pay for it.  It was a part of our benefits, just like our health insurance was.

It is truly amazing to watch the propagandists continue to lie, tell us they are lying, and then go on about their business as if nothing has happened.  I am at a loggerhead in trying to figure out what they think they can accomplish.

It would take 250,000 jobs created every month just to keep up with our young people entering the work force.  This is their calculation, not mine.  And now they are saying that any number under 400,000 new jobless claims represents job growth and that if they can keep the number fraudulently adjusted to anything under 400,000 per week for new filings, the unemployment rate will drop again next month.  And, believe it or not, using this same logic, they are starting to push the theory that if you get rid of welfare and food stamps, poverty will cease to exist.

In the final analyses we have to realize that these unspeakable scumbags have no intent of doing anything except continuing the transfer of what is left of our nation’s wealth from the poor and middle class to the filthy rich.  They intend to enslave us and they are making no bones about it.

We should be contacting our so called representatives and telling them that the lying must stop or once again in 2012 we will vote every incumbent out of office.  This situation is completely unacceptable and if it continues there will be a bloody revolution in the United States of America as human beings cannot be nourished with lies.

God bless this Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

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  1. The fraudulent media needs to be dealt with. They’re spewing their BS, and it’s just getting worse. Everybody needs to turn the BS boxes off.

    1. Stopped watching cable news over two years ago. It suddenly occurred to me that in the same way that I do not drink Drano or beat myself in the forehead with a short 2×4 every evening perhaps I should turn my gaze from the sight of Medusa and close my ears to the sound of a dozen babbling parrots. It serves me better, when possible, to get quite drunk and take a nap.

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