New Lies about the Unemployment Rate as the Chains of Slavery are being Forged

The Obama administration is going forward with their campaign to lie the unemployment rate down and change the history of the past three years.  Not just change it, but make it the exact opposite of what actually occurred.  This, at the same time Obama is giving away our oil rich islands off the Alaskan Coast to his comrades in Russia.  Why isn’t this in the mainstream?  Well because the mainstream has nothing to do with reporting the news as they are active members of the social insurgency that is destroying our country.

The people have awakened in mass and realize what is going on.  But how do we stop it?  How do we regain control when every avenue is blocked by the insurgents who now control our government?  It seems the closer we come to uniting our people in the cause of the reinstitution of our Republic, the closer we get to a third world war.  And if anybody thinks that these diabolical monsters would not start a war and see millions of us killed to preserve the status quo, they had best examine history.

Election fraud right in our faces; handing over our oil to the Russians right in our faces; implementing full blown martial law right in our faces; and we are too busy reacting to act to stop it.

As soon as the weather gets warm enough the Occupy Movement must mobilize.  We could cause an absolute effect by occupying every port in our nation and stopping the flow of our natural resources out of this country.  It is most likely that a full blown shooting war would ensue shortly thereafter, because if we tell them that they can no longer take our property away from us, they will absolutely try to kill us to nullify our objections.

Nobody wants war of any sort, but there comes a time when one is forced to literally fight for survival.  If we are to be denied Dr. Ron Paul as our president through election fraud there will be no other choice other than a revolutionary war.  And if these unspeakable bastards push us to that point, we must show no mercy.  We must destroy them utterly and leave their bones on our beaches as an unwelcome mat to anyone else who might think they want to try it again.

If forced to war there is no more vicious people on this Earth than the American people of the American race and our enemies know this.  When they see that we are not going to back down they will strike with brutality in an attempt to terrorize us into complicity.  This is when we must attack with a viciousness that will redefine the word brutality for many generations to come.  Our enemies will offer no quarter and neither can we.

We will win this revolution because we have to, for our children and grandchildren.  Our generation cannot fail.  We must answer the call and make the international corporate mafia rue the day they ever thought they could conquer the American people.

God bless this Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

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  1. I heard on the radio this morning that Romney may “lose steam” before the 2012 election due to attacks from Santorum and Gingrich. Ron Paul was not even mentioned. The country is seeing the master plan to get Obama re-elected, it was planned this way all along. Put a loser up against Obama and the communist insurgency continues. What a sad, sad time for this once great nation.

  2. I have enlisted a handful of dedicated individuals ready to start the work ahead. I feel lucky to have this many as I have still been met with apathy and misunderstanding. I also get the response ” I don’t want to do anything that will get me in trouble “…. If they only knew how much trouble they are currently in……

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