New Mexico Insanity

Saw this today and it annoyed me, wanted to share this because I have LIVED in that county, so here is another take on it:

I found these two gems by accident in passing and just had to comment:
As someone who LIVED in McKinley County and even graduated in said county this was an eyebrow raiser. You see, the problem is every single year there is this little local cycle that hits that part of NM because of all the indians that live in the area, namely the Zuni and Navajo reservations, both of which I lived on for years. These indians want for nothing, they are given endless handouts which they booze away or dope themselves with drugs until they are brain fried to say nothing of their crack or booze babies. As such, they have developed what can only be called a “we dont care” attitude about everything because after all, they will get a free handout… The result of this endless bread wagon is the yearly flu epidemic that floors them one and all. How? Well allow me to explain.

In high school they passed around a joke: Only white men wash their hands because they pee (or if they are trying to be particularly annoying) shit on their hands.

This is a tiny snippet of the problem, their concept of disease, transmission and even catching it does not exist, to them it is impossible. If they do? Well they run up to the hospital at Blackrock (If they are Zuni, god help you if your WHITE and almost DIE from a DRUNK red savage… A teacher [white woman] was left outside to DIE until someone intervened and they screamed at the moon over allowing a white inside THEIR hospital… Whites pay for their THEIR hospital by the way.) and get… FREE FLU SHOTS! Yay. If they did not have it before they most CERTAINLY have the flu now, you can literally set your yearly clock to this, the docs shout “flu season!” They come scampering in for free shots, wind up with the flu, pass it around, the rest is history. To make matters even worse they refuse to admit they are sick… Consider the following:

1. They are sick, cough up phlem and then swallow in the most sickening and noisy display you have ever seen or heard. Their body is trying to blow out the sickness but they choke it back down, they wont even blow their noses, they just wipe after holding it in and swallowing. I sat in the BACK of EVERY class I ever had and FAR away from the plague bearers.

2. One little red has a coke, wheezes, swallows snot, drinks, pass it to little red #2. Rinse, repeat for about 3-4 of them.

3. Did I mention they wont wash their hands? They wont wash their hands. Ever.

4. Bathe? What is “bathe” white boy? They just use AXE and hose themselves down to hide their stench. Nowhere near as bad as the red savages on the Apache reservation where I lived (oohhhh god they stunk so bad, most did not bathe for months at a time)

5. Stay home? Why should little red stay home? Never mind the coughing, wheezing, snot flowing down their face, fever, hell no, go to school!

6. Your sick? Thats okay, its not like you can spread it, gather in a lump of 7 coughing and no worries, the “free” hospital at Blackrock will make it alllll better with a miracle shot!

Now cram everyone into the cafeteria under these circumstances and you tell ME what happens NEXT. So woe and behold, there was a flu outbreak in the Gallup area… Yay? This happens at least twice a year not counting other disease and illness that sweeps the area, honestly, what do you expect to happen? Daisies? Now we have a governor frothing like a rabid dog with her new found power and eager to flap their featherless arms to act big and important cashing in on a regular occurrence. I PROMISE you that if there IS such as thing as COVID-19 then MAYBE one in a thousand has it while the rest have the regular flu or some other illness they passed around. How does it spread so fast though beyond the rez? They go to GALLUP like that and start hacking up all over the place. Its disgusting, they get sick, go to town (Gallup being the ONLY real “town” in ALL of McKinley County) and spread it everyone else. Within a few days whatever the Navajo had the Zuni have or vice versa including the local population.

What just happened is perfectly normal for that county but they are blowing it up into a Mt. Everest sized mountain. Now if any of the local reds drop dead, well… That’s normal to. Their diets consist of fried food, fast food, lard, endless booze, drugs (all ages) and enough sugar to make a hummingbird have a heart attack, their bodies are so frail from how poorly they treat their bodies the Zuni had to demand more money from whitey so they could expand the hospital at Blackrock. For what purpose? Kidney dialysis. Dont fret, soon as they are off the machine you can see them in Gallup with two big bottles of booze in each hand.

In conclusion, whatever you may consider of whatever is well and truly happening, this is just government wagging their pecker in your face. A massive overstepping of power to prove that they CAN in fact just “take you in the night” if they so desire or just put up a wall of guns and say “no, now go home.” Is this legal under the bill of rights? Hell no, but they do it anyway. Let this serve as more proof of why you need to keep your guns close at hand because at some point some prick is going to go rabid and wonder just HOW much extra power they can attain, at that moment it will hopefully go to hell. But not in McKinley County nor my own county, why? There is a rule: Where there be reds there be socialists. They will never challenge the government because they want that gravy train, their loyalty was bought a long time ago. Massive handouts exist in most NM counties and the locals are about as die hard communist as you can get but if you ask them the answer is “no.” But, their ACTIONS are a big neon “YES! Praise Marx!”

Hopefully this offends someone because its true, to this day after living in NM almost all of my life I can count on ONE hand the number of indians who were not mentally retarded and who do not blindly obey the fed and believe everything they are told. Actually, I dont even need one hand, I just three fingers will suffice. Right now in McKinley County, NM there are a whole shitload of red and spicks pissing their pants going “ohhh god, its the end!” When in fact it is their own stupidity which caused it, as it did last year, the year before that and the years and years and DECADES before that. Of course, if you confront them on this they lose their ever loving minds, I have even had red savages tell me outright (back when I believed it was possible to tell them anything, oh was I naive) that “if what your going to tell me will change my mind, dont.” They do NOT want to know differently.

May you have a happy weekend, this little blurb coming to you from a dead man walking because if the shit hits the fan I am so far behind enemy lines there aint no allies to find. Hell, all my neighbors are diehard communists, good ole boys or chomping at the bit on the “kill whitey!” If the world ends tomorrow I only hope to take them down with me before being drowned in waves of red savages, spicks and their allies because I am sure as hell the only one around here who doesnt buy into this crap.


9 thoughts on “New Mexico Insanity

  1. Vekar, thank you for taking the time to post this long and detailed comment. I saw this post last night and actually looked for some info regarding the demographics. I was thinking it might be a retirement community; lots of elderly getting ill. I did notice the majority were native americans. I was wondering if you were native american and if so, what a shame they would not listen to someone of their own that could have actually helped them.

    1. 100% white, my mother was a teacher back then and wherever she worked is where I went to school. There was NO shortage of people trying to warn them either including myself but as you can see, they just dont care.

    1. If I did it would run as a COMEDY because once you know everything that goes on here in NM it would be nothing but a non-stop gag reel of “just HOW did they come to that conclusion?” Or even “Wait, they did WHAT?”

  2. thanks for the insight into this situation. i had read other articles and since reading this synopsis of events there, i read some more including the two linked in this piece. not a single mention of age, or race of the many infected or dead. if i had not read this, i would have thought that it was just a fluke hot spot.

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