New ordinance allows police to ban smelly people from city buildings

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The city of Burien is raising a stink over people who smell bad.

Last month, the city passed a new “trespassing ordinance” that bans a variety of behaviors, including hostile language, not enough clothes covering the body and bodily hygiene or scent in public places including parks, the King County Library, even Burien City Hall.  

The law allows Burien Police to bar the offender from the public space for up to a year.

5 thoughts on “New ordinance allows police to ban smelly people from city buildings

  1. “…bodily hygiene or scent in public places including parks,…”

    Not TOO transparent, are they.

    Many homeless hang out in public parks, for lack of anywhere else to go.

    1. Everyone should go grab a beef and bean Burrito and spray some deer urine and skunk scent for morning prep and go about your day. F’ em!

  2. This stupid law is obviously made for homeless people, which sucks. I’d rather be in a locker room full of feet and armpits anyday than deal with even ONE perfume stinker or have to walk past a house that uses those “plug it in” crap poison things or anyone who comes out of a house like that.

    If they just ban POISON like toxic perfume from being made (because it is literally a chemical weapon) that would stop the stinkers. People who walk around fumigating others with their poison and giving them asthma attacks because they think it makes them smell pretty suck.

    I think they should just shutdown the stinking toxic fermaldahyde ridden pthalate poison man-boob-makin’ perfume and “air freshener” companies altogether and leave the hordes of zombie people alone. Can’t blame the dumb pig for eating the slop given to them (that means you, perfume stinking hogs).

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