New Poll: More Than Two-Thirds Of Veterans Disapprove Of Obama

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Arlington, Va. – Concerned Veterans for America (CVA), a veterans advocacy organization, today released the results of a survey showing a significant majority of veterans believe the country is headed in the wrong direction: More than two-thirds (68 percent) say the country is on the wrong track, and 66 percent disapprove of President Obama’s handling of his job.  

The results also indicated unfavorable views of Obamacare. Sixty-three percent of veterans disapprove of the new healthcare law, and nearly half (46 percent) of veterans believe Obamacare will be worse than the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) healthcare. Among those who have experienced the VA claims backlog, 60 percent report it lasting at least 7 months.

These findings are from a survey using a representative sample of 834 veterans and members of the military. Interviews were conducted March 8-March 16, 2014, using a mixed methodology of live telephone interviews and online interviews. The margin of error is +/- 3.5%. Keep Reading


4 thoughts on “New Poll: More Than Two-Thirds Of Veterans Disapprove Of Obama

  1. Lets see: Obama has ordered all our southern border missile defenses to be taken taken down, all heavy weapons and tanks are being taken out of Europe and sent here back home (to help with Obama’s “secret” army and to open the way for Russia to attack Europe), all Apache Attack Helicopters to be taken from the National Guard and given to the “active” army, all seventy or so government agencies have been armed and militarized, all Hell Fire missile and Cruise Missile production to cease, the Coast Guard has been limited on the East Coat to what areas to patrol, etc, etc, the military purged of high officers who would not agree to shoot at American’s if ordered to do so, etc, etc, and near all conservative, Christian, patriotic Americans now labeled as potential terrorists and the overall depletion of our military readiness and capabilities: This from the former Defense Secretary ( a Muslim) and the present Defense Secretary also a Muslim both put into their positions by a President whose wedding ring bears the inscription in Arabic “there is no god but allah”, that’s right, its fact.

    Now I hear from former and active military officers and enlisted that the military is fractured (this done on purpose and had been planned) where in military units the men have partitioned themselves into groups, each suspicious or hateful of each other, where you now have Muslims, Jews, Homosexuals, Lesbians, Atheists, Marxists even, all who are associating themselves as groups opposing others and especially against Christian military. Obama has even ordered that “beastiality” is no longer punishable in the military – imagine – what have we become but a nation of “useful idiots”.

    In 1983, an FBI informant infiltrated a group of intellectuals and attended a meeting at Columbia University were a large group of PhD’s, including Bill Ayers, one of Obama’s mentors and former Communist member of the Weathermen. This is the same University and the same time that Obama was supposed to be attending this school. The informant reported that at the meeting was discussed future plans to establish a Marxist Dictatorship in America and that it would be “necessary to exterminate” over 10% of the population and many more would have to be sent to “re-education” camps to be formerly indoctrinated into a Marxist Communist Ideology. Many of these so called PhD’s are now officials within our government agencies, including Bill Ayers who is one of Obama’s Czar’s and an active Marxist Professor in our Marxist public education Universities. Gun control, gun registration, gun confiscation – I wonder why.

  2. I don’t believe that you can find one out of a hundred (1%) veterans that support Obama. That’s why they’re so desperate to get ’em all disarmed.

    You have to remember that half of the country doesn’t even vote, so even if we were to believe the rigged voting machines, that’s still only 25% of the population supported him on inauguration day. (and since we know they’re rigged, 15 – 20% might be a good guess, but it could even be lower) Since he’s taken office, he’s done nothing but lose the few supporters he ever had, and constantly drop in any polls taken, even if they lie about the actual numbers.

    That could easily leave the idiot in the White House today with less than 5% of the population supporting what he does today, and I’d imagine that number to be a lot lower among vets than the general population.

    See what i mean? This a-hole is signing all these executive orders, and making treaties with foreign countries, and there aren’t more than a handful of people left in this country who support him at all.

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