New Scam

My grandson’s wife got a call this morning from a man she did not know claiming her husband was in an accident and hit his wife and son and they were dead. He demanded 2000 dollars and he was on his way to shoot him at work. Shocked by the call she did not think and reacted as it was true. She immediately called her husband but was not able to reach him very unusual. My daughter, Ryan’s mother, tried and she was unsuccessful. Autumn (Ryan’s wife) tried to contact the mysterious caller and she panicked and told him all upset of course he called the wrong family and that they were poor and had no money. At that point my daughter got on the phone and shouted this is a scam and you are not getting one dime and hung up.  

We called the police of course but they told us there was nothing much they could do since no arrangement had been made to pay and there are apps out there that allow your phone to post a ficticious number with each call you make. I question that as Autum did reach the bastard.

Watch out for this one it is very real sounding and people could easily be taken in.

When the perp called he had Ryan’s full name and where he lived. Later Laura commented on how?

GrinNBarrett aka Susan Barrett

2 thoughts on “New Scam

  1. “He demanded 2000 dollars and he was on his way to shoot him at work.”

    Oh, please, DON’T do THAT. I have the money. Come over right now and pick it up.”

    Now I have HIS gun too.

    IF he even has one to begin with.

  2. Some clown, that was called back, said he is going to go murder husband and the cops say not much can be done?

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