New Socialist Republic Of North America, Communism, Dissent – New Commie Explains To Ex-USSR Citizen

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Published on Dec 15, 2018

“We Want To Start A Revolution To Undo US Government”- A New Revolutionary Commie To Ex-USSR Citizen

For The New Socialist Republic In North America
(Draft Proposal)

From the Revolutionary Communist Party, USA

11 thoughts on “New Socialist Republic Of North America, Communism, Dissent – New Commie Explains To Ex-USSR Citizen

  1. Why are they people here , hey jump the fence an go back home .! Now that and ideal . Do the people under stand they will be the first to go they want free there nothing free about living nothing

  2. A little history from one who investigated this so-called communist movement back when the divide between “Soviet revisionism” and “Marxism-Leninism-Mao Zedong thought” raged in the early 70s. (I was an infiltrator, so to speak, investigating communism). The so-called Revolutionary Communist Party was based on the old movement I infiltrated, the American Communist Workers Movement (Marxist-Leninist), which was infiltrated by the FBI in 1973 at a “Communist Conference” near Detroit (I spent a day there, and when I learned the FBI infiltrated it I bugged out and went home to go to work the next day. Good decision). I don’t know who Avakian is, but this dude is clearly more interested in political power than anyone with ACWM was! The guy with the glasses has no clue what he’s talking about and is making it up as he goes along. If these folks are serious, then there won’t be very many of them, not when a majority of Americans own guns…do these folks really think we will turn them in? If most of their followers are young…well, young people tend to grow up. They will realize one thing if they don’t already–any communist movement here will be a cult, led by Avakian or not. Back in my day this Maoism had an international leader (Mao, with Enver Hoxha of Albania as his side kick). When Mao died in 1978 it left Hoxha who wasn’t much of a leader (and he never took over all of Albania anyway…the mountain areas were run by the Albania Mafia who used the “Code of Lek” against the rest of the country) and he died in the mid-80s. So today there is no international leader of this movement that I know of. They could be a threat, but SJWs are too pansy to even think about serious “revolution” (but a cult leader like Avakian might satisfy their lusts…)

    And a final message to the idiot with glasses on–I guess you never heard of Mao’s “100 flowers” movement–“Let a 100 flowers bloom, let a 100 thoughts contend”…so that in the mid-50s before the “great leap forward” movement, Mao set up many opposing “thought systems” leaders to “debate” Maoism such that these “intellectuals” were setting themselves up for slaughter during the “great leap forward” (actually, backward as millions starved to death). Do you really expect anyone to believe Avakian or whoever will allow dissent? Bwahahahahahah!


    1. did you mean CONNIVING? i know why your family keeps you hid, its because you are missing a chromosome that inhibits brain development.

      Oh look it’s koyote.. easy meat! i know she has a bible we can burn to light fires for a month!

      1. The fight for the Bill of Rights is the keystone for the redemption of our freedom and liberty, and we American nationals have ceased looking at the pigment of one another’s skin, knowing that as American nationals we are all brothers and sisters fighting for the future for our children and grandchildren.
        I had to go look back to find out what was at the root of your personal insult to my brother Koyote. I never watched the video, but Koyote did not create the video, yet you blame him for a portion that I agree with you is incorrect in that it is ridiculous to assert that one must have religion to affirm a pigment of skin.
        You and Koyote are on the same side here and personal belief in reference to religion does not enter into the equation of fighting for the Bill of Rights.
        Your comment was rude and it was a personal attack, which I have explained time and again is unacceptable.
        Koyote is my friend and he is also a man who will not accept insult from anybody.
        We want as many people on board for our fight for the Bill of Rights as possible. This is not going to be a fight over religion and personal attacks like this are not going to be tolerated.
        If you want to attack the video you have every right to do so.
        As I said earlier, I believe you to be an intelligent man, but I warn you, don’t ever say anything like this about my friend again. You don’t know him and you are not standing before him as you put forth your insult. I personally would caution you never to say any such thing to his face, as he is a man who would not stand for it.
        I thought about just deleting your comment, but rather I am telling you right now, that Koyote would die for your right to believe as you please, as though he is steadfast in his own personal belief, he has always asserted a personal belief must be a free choice.
        If you wish to argue with Koyote on any subject you will find a way to do it without leveling personal insult toward him.
        Many times on this site people who have had differences have wound up being the closest of friends. So think about it, because once again, personal attacks only serve to divide us instead of bring us together.
        Shit like this really does dishearten me and when it comes to shit like this, disheartened is the last step before becoming pissed.
        Now, gentlemen, shake hands and put this in the past. We are on the same side. Our goal is made clear and shit like this does nothing to serve our purpose.

  4. The only way these useful idiots will learn the reality of their “utopia”, which will be achieved ONLY through the exact same criminals who have already destroyed everything with their lust for wealth , will be through the universal definition of “real power”.

    Whether it be from their sorely misguided choices in heroes or from the American National, my only wish is they learn the lesson from US.

    I got through about 12 seconds of the glasses guy and 11 seconds of avakian. Here is a fun link:;_ylu=X3oDMTEyYmMwdHFqBGNvbG8DYmYxBHBvcwMxBHZ0aWQDQjY4OThfMQRzZWMDc3I-/RV=2/RE=1548326426/RO=10/

  5. I did not know that this Communist movement was as well formed as it is. I mean I see the Communism in our lives every day, but it’s usually disguised. This is totally out front, blatant. I smell a Soros strategy. Sickening.

    The woman says, “He’s just a little frightened of the word ‘Communism.'” Well, duh, it is the scariest word on the planet, summoning visions of its endgame: capture, torture, slavery, murder.

    They claim to have a new brand of Communism, and that they have learned from the past mistakes of Mao and Stalin. I have heard it called “Democratic Socialism.” What a back door term. And how dare he defend Mao, Mr. Genocide – Take ’em to the Ditch. He talks about Mao having criticized Stalin, as if Mao had the right to criticize anyone. That’s like an assassin criticizing a sniper. Both have death in mind, both hired by money with a total control agenda.

    I give the royal finger to the universities for feeding this horror to the students. I hold them accountable, along with all the Jewish-run public radio stations giving a platform to these traitors.


  6. What I learned from Chinese people while living in China:

    “Communism doesn’t work. No competition, no improvement.”

    Enough said.

    If everyone is the same and equality is gone, then there’s no incentive to being unique, no incentive for change or innovation, no motivation, no reason for living. Period!

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