New surveillance camera software allows law enforcement to identify groups of people in real-time


Imagine walking down a public street on your way to dinner with your family, now imagine police knowing exactly who you are and the names and ages of every family member.

But wait it gets worse, because the surveillance doesn’t stop there.

Once you have entered the restaurant, police can use Project Green LightProject Nola or any other police cam-share program to spy on you while you are eating. 

The above video warns everyone that police smartphones could store up to one million faces and their laptops could have access to 50 million faces. (To find out more about police facial recognition smartphones click here.)

What makes this video truly frightening is how it reveals that a police department’s server could have access to a staggering one billion faces! There aren’t even close to one billion people in the U.S., so why would a police department need access to that many faces? (Look for the answer below.)

At what point do Americans begin questioning why police need access to one million, 50 million or a BILLION faces?

Secure Planet’s new TacID Guard Dogs’ capabilities are just as frightening.

Any surveillance camera system equipped with TacID Guard Dog software is “capable of monitoring and tracking multiple persons while instantly performing facial recognition against very large databases”.

Secure Planet’s Rank One Computing facial recognition algorithm software can be downloaded to hand-held devices, allowing police to identify multiple people from long distances..

image credit: Secure Planet

Police will now be able to identify crowds of people in real-time using various methods.

Distances range up to hundreds of meters away from the target(s). Our capability satisfies a wide variety of use cases, including but not limited to dismounted/tripod-mounted operations, force protection via towers or airborne assets, and crowd scanning, which allows for automated tracking and extraction of faces, as well as real-time alerting to Watchlist hits.”

Secret watch lists are happening right now.

Facial recognition is all about creating secret watch lists 

Secure Planet’s major selling points are real-time facial recognition and watch lists.

If you had any doubts that facial recognition is all about creating secret ‘watch lists’ then why does Secure Planet mention it FOUR times?

Did you also notice that TacID is designed to be used in existing cameras and surveillance equipment? Which means the public will have no way of knowing which surveillance cameras are using TacID.

Police aren’t the only ones using secret watch lists.

 Sports teams will create secret watch lists 

Last week, I warned everyone that the MLB, NHL, NBA, NFL and MLS have all begun using TSA Precheck biometric scanners.

Will sports teams use facial recognition cameras to create their own secret watch lists?

A recent article in the NY Times claimed that professional sports teams are secretly using facial recognition cameras to ‘bolster security’ but failed to mention secret watch lists.

Last year, TSN wrote a story about the NHL looking into facial recognition software. They interviewed Face First CEO Peter Trepp who boasted about being in touch with numerous stadium owners and sports teams encouraging them to create their own secret watch lists.

“At the very least, Trepp said, NHL teams could follow FC Groningen’s lead and create their own database of troublemakers and banned spectators. Teams could also use facial biometrics to identify VIPs and season-ticket holders and fast-track their entry, he said.” (Click here to find out how the NHL could use secret watch lists to spy on fans.)

TSA Precheck and facial biometric cameras will allow sports teams to create their own secret watch lists, changing the way Americans attend sporting events forever.

To answer the question about why police need access to one billion faces?

All you need to do is go to Face First’s website and read their mission: “Creating a safer and more personalized planet through facial recognition technology.”  And there is your answer, companies and governments are slowly creating a planet-wide facial recognition database.

Turning CCTV cameras into secret facial recognition cameras is not turning earth into a ‘Secure Planet’ it is turning the planet it into a giant surveillance experiment.

3 thoughts on “New surveillance camera software allows law enforcement to identify groups of people in real-time

    1. Yeah. And lately their hate for free association has reached new heights. I think that they don’t want us to connect, not only because we educate each other and form our little teams against them, but also because they’re jealous. They might see something authentic, some real connection, brotherly love, trust, and they don’t have that; it’s alien to them in their world of greed and dominance.

      Surveillance is as damaging as murder. It goes after the very fabric of our human interactions and they are trying to kill it. That old adage: “Smash the machine,” now takes on deeper meaning, more literal meaning. This is a blow to those of us who treasure privacy. May the good Lord show me more precisely how to “smash the machine.”



  1. They’re still working out the bugs in the software.

    They have a filtering problem on the facial recognition AI.

    AI is having a problem distinguishing between real people….and just azzholes.

    I mean …

    They can even film you while your eating at a restaurant….and see if your a cheap bassturd when you tip.

    When 5g hits.

    They’ll be able to upload film of you leaving the restaurant bathroom with toilet paper stuck to your shoe.

    What type of TP.
    What type of shoes.
    In HD…

    Plus….that UR a cheap bassturd that doesn’t tip and wash your hands.

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