New White Helmet Video on the net | WTF?

Published on Jul 27, 2017 by R&U Videos

“War Diary” project | July 2017
Be advised, VIDEO CONTAINS GRAPHIC IMAGES, not recommended for children under age of 18
Mature viewers only. This is a war documentary. For documentary and educational purposes only.
Video is on channel covering wars posted not to offend, shock or encourage violence but for news / historical and educational purposes – to document war, war crimes and cases of terrorism. (Every video is dated for such purposes)

Video shows a war, and all horrors that come with it… Real events – as it is – often videotaped by the people who lived thru it.
Video shows scenes of real war, violence, death scenes., and often have historical significance.
It is raw footage, therefore : Use your own discretion.
If it’s not something you were expecting to watch, please watch something else.

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