New York Gov. Cuomo Wants to Give DACA Recipients Free Tuition at State Colleges

Breitbart – by Katherine Rodriguez

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo wants to give illegal aliens brought to the U.S. as children under DACA free tuition at the state’s public colleges.

Cuomo, a Democrat, included a provision in his $168 billion budget that would change the state’s education law to make illegal alien children who were part of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) amnesty program eligible to receive free tuition through the Excelsior Scholarship, the New York Post reported.  

The scholarship gives students free tuition at any New York State public college if their families make $125,000 or less, regardless of grade-point average or standardized test scores.

The only condition of the program is that students remain in the state for the “number of years equal to the reward received” to keep the scholarship, meaning that students who receive the free tuition must live and work in the state or pay the money back.

Not everybody in New York state government is on board with the governor’s proposal. Republicans in the New York State Senate say they would oppose Cuomo’s plan to give free college tuition to illegal aliens.

“We don’t support giving free college tuition to people who are here illegally,” said Senate GOP spokesman Scott Reif.

Cuomo proposed other policies that would extend benefits to DACA recipients this week.

The New York Democrat announced Tuesday that DACA recipients would receive Medicaid coverage in the state regardless of federal government action.

4 thoughts on “New York Gov. Cuomo Wants to Give DACA Recipients Free Tuition at State Colleges

  1. But veterans ca go f?ck themselves.
    These assholes charge state taxes to veterans who are over seas.
    And then take their firearms becsise of a ptsd rating in a medical file.
    So medical is not private.

    But one can enjoy
    high sales taxes.
    And shitty roads
    And a waterfall at one end and a cesspool at the other.
    Flimsy types north over a lake
    And Pennsyl-tuckey to the south.

  2. Free college, free medical insurance, free food, and free rent, all for an invading army.

    Your property taxes will triple when the economy collapses, and that’s when they’ll get your home, too.

    “A new government program to end homelessness by moving the dreamers into “abandoned” houses.” ….. I can guarantee that’s next on the agenda of wetbacks screwing Americans out of everything they have with the full support of our treasonous “government”.

  3. Now, I could understand it if “free college” was given to DACAs if they attended SUNY Old Westbury, which was politically correct ten years before anyother college was and basically defined politically correct colleges from the get-go. I attended this college, and was a leftist when I attended–and, upon leaving this college, i became more and more non-leftist! Because the leftism at SUNY Old Westbury was 1. clearly anti-white…just for the heck of it I joined an all-black group (male and female frat kinda thing called “Alpha Sigma Upsilon”) and learned what racism truly was, against whites as well as blacks, then left the group; 2. anti-Christian (talk about Jews running colleges!); 3. anti-conservative and libertarian (if you weren’t pro-commie you were dirt in their eyes); 4. they had an “Islamic Center” but no way a Christian one! 5. They had a woman’s center (for lesbians only) but not a men’s center (and half the men there were gay anyway!) 6. No whites allowed in their performing arts majors unless they were Hispanic 7. In two-bed dorm rooms, whites could not dorm with other whites, but two-black dorms were fine 8. Conservative leaning profs were fired at the behest of anti-white racist students (the psych dept lost a very fine female prof because she was conservative, albeit Jewish, in one of the most left wing depts. at the college) 9. the quality of food was terrible, from a company owned by the mafia, which I guess the mafia thought mostly minority campuses deserved lousy food. 10. One of the administrators was fired at the behest of a radical black student group who thought the black administrator was an uncle tom type…and more for the lowest of the low SUNY colleges in the late 70s.

    So, go ahead DACAs, take over SUNY Old Westbury. Just leave the other decent colleges alone!

  4. “We don’t support giving free college tuition to people who are here illegally,”


    Like throwing gasoline on a fire… they’re ALREADY massively stupid when they arrive, no need for the extra indoctrination.

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