New York is blanketed in a thick haze as smoke from raging Western wildfires blows 2,000 miles

Daily Mail

Billows of smoke from the roaring wildfires burning through multiple West Coast states traveled thousands of miles across the country to shroud New York City in a smoky haze.

Iconic NYC postcard-type views including the Manhattan skyline, the Statue of Liberty and Yankee stadium were transformed into eerie scenes cloaked by a ghastly mist.  

Most of the smoke on covered the East Coast is coming Oregon’s Bootleg Fire, which has already torched over 388,359 acres – half the size of Rhode Island – and it’s only about 30 percent contained, as of Tuesday night, according to the US Forest Service.

The area on the northeastern flank of the Bootleg Fire is in the ancestral homeland of the Klamath Tribes.

Oregon’s Bootleg inferno is one of 83 fires being monitored by the National Interagency Fire Center, which burned through a total of 1,293,6367 acres of land in more than a dozen states.

At least 2,000 homes have been evacuated at some point during the fire and another 5,000 threatened.

At least 70 homes and more than 100 outbuildings have gone up in flames. Thick smoke chokes the area where residents and wildlife alike have already been dealing with months of drought and extreme heat. No one has died to date, according to officials.

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One thought on “New York is blanketed in a thick haze as smoke from raging Western wildfires blows 2,000 miles

  1. This story is wrong
    Over 20 fires from Pennsylvania to Michigan to Oklahoma are contributing. Also over 100 fires in central Canada is lofting the smoke down over the great lakes right at NYC.
    Bootleg ain’t got sh!t on what going on in Manitoba and Saskatchewan.
    Check it out.

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