New York, San Francisco use circles to help social distance efforts in parks

ABC Action News

SAN FRANCISCO — Instead of using force to maintain social distancing in public parks, some cities have opted to use basic geometry to slow the spread of COVID-19.

New York City’s Domino Park and San Francisco’s Mission Dolores Park now have marked circles to encourage proper social distancing.

The cities installed these circles in response to severe overcrowding. They’re spaced six feet apart, following the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines.

To control overcrowding, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio said police have also started limiting how many people can access the parks at a time and warned people they will be allowed to stay only for a limited amount of time.

Earlier this month, San Francisco Mayor London Breed threatened to close the park after seeing residents breaking stay-at-home orders.

See pics here:

2 thoughts on “New York, San Francisco use circles to help social distance efforts in parks

  1. It occurred to me that those inner-tube social-distancing tables that some restaurants are starting to use are really just big baby-walkers. So I can conclude that they are attempting to revert us to early childhood. Ha, ironically that was the time when non-compliance was truly cultivated. Spaghetti bowl on top of head and food flyin’ everywhere. Apotheosis of Defiance. Favorite word: NO!!

    Defy the inner-tube. Defy all infringements and forced absurdities!!

    Fun to watch the so-called experts fighting it out. Isolate or herd-immunity? More simply put, Stay home or Go out? Which side will win? Oh yeah, THE PEOPLE!! Social-distancing should be renamed social-disengaging – seems it’s what they really want. So… Stay engaged. Make eye-contact. Hug when you wanna. Swim, cuddle, dance close. Have potlucks. Live.


  2. Omg I saw someone exercising outside of the circles…hurry call the police… stop them now…. they are risking all of us… Ahhhhhhhhhhhh! Ha, ha fkn ha… The ultimate SF Circle Jerk!

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