New York Times Jumps the Global Warming Shark, Declares Alaska Will Soon Be Like Florida


You never want to go full moonbat, because if you do, no one will take you seriously ever again. For example, the erstwhile “paper of record” cast away the last tattered remnants of credibility in a guffaw-inducingly lame attempt to prop up the collapsing global warming hoax by quoting climate kook Camilo Mora:

“Alaska is going to be the next Florida by the end of the century.”

Alaskan liberals may want to beat the rush by trading in their snowshoes for flip-flops right now. Others can enjoy a good laugh at this latest substitution of hyperbolic hysteria for rational argument.

Professor Moron also provides us with dates of doom for various American cities:

As for New York City, the nation’s most populous city, Professor Mora at the University of Hawaii projects that 2047 will be the “year of climate change departure” — when weather that seems extraordinarily hot and catastrophic by today’s standards will become the norm.

“The coasts are all going to be facing very hot temperatures,” Professor Mora said. Washington, D.C., will reach its tipping point the same year, under his model; Los Angeles has until 2048; San Francisco, 2049 and Chicago, 2052. Detroit has until 2051, and Anchorage, 2071.

Given an sufficiently generous government grant, the nutty professor could probably give the exact day each city will need to be abandoned as the imaginary crisis closes in.

Meanwhile, back in reality, it has been 18 years since we have seen any global warming, despite all the CO2 the ChiComs have been spewing into the air.

The only way the Slimes could top this story would be to publish this as an actual photograph of global warming as viewed from outer space:


On a tip from DinaRehn. Hat tip: NewsBusters.

4 thoughts on “New York Times Jumps the Global Warming Shark, Declares Alaska Will Soon Be Like Florida

  1. Give any buffoon with a piece of paper that ‘claims’ he’s ‘educated’ a grant, and he’ll invariably come up with the ‘results’ that best suit your needs.

    1. You mean this buffoon, #1?

      “The entire north polar ice cap will be gone in 5 years”.

      -prediction stated by Al Gore, on December 13, 2008

      1. Well… he’s WAY beyond the buffoon stage, Inretrospect.

        In fact, if there were degrees of buffoonery, he’d be beyond platinum (top tier). 😯

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