New York’s Jewish community fights back against rise in antisemitism attacks

Feb 26, 2020
New York has seen several recent high-profile attacks against members of the Jewish community and some grassroots movements are taking matters into their own hands. CNA’s William Denselow with more.

5 thoughts on “New York’s Jewish community fights back against rise in antisemitism attacks

  1. Right, as if j00z have ever faced their opponents in a direct and honorable fashion. They don’t “fight back” they manipulate some other group of goyim to fight their battles for them while they continue to do what they’ve always done: open the borders to invaders, subvert culture, divide and conquer, manipulate governments, empty bank accounts and turn their host’s offspring into genetic dead-ends. Why? Because they’re a demonic hive mind that’s at war with God.

    1. And not only that… …Israel is also telling Qatar to “fund Hamas” (according to Ha’aretz newspaper in Israel) so that Hamas sends rockets into southern Israel so Israel has an excuse to genocide Palestinians. Talk about cowards and using goyim to do their dirty work! (And, of course, Israel helped found and still also funds Hamas. And make sure Palestinian leadership is as corrupt as the day is long.)

  2. HAHAHAHA! Their “grassroots movement” consists of unarmed Krav Maga combat, while Americans grassroots movement is the 2nd Article.
    Gee… I wonder which movement is stronger…hmm…

    Dumb Jews.

    1. I can’t help but laugh at krav maga. It appears the trick is to incapacitate your attacker by bringing them down to their knees via hysterical laughter from an uncontrolled spastic freak out ad screeching.

      It’s a joo thing. ..WE wouldn’t understand.

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