NewsMax Gun Ban Survey Results

According to the Propaganda Ministry Americans are overwhelmingly in favor of new gun control laws. They really do think that WE THE AMERICAN NATIONALS are “Some kind of really stupid” to accept all this drivel.

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4 thoughts on “NewsMax Gun Ban Survey Results

  1. This is no different then the “Chic-Fil-A” debacle. The MSM was so adamant about spinning the CEO’s words about supporting traditional marriage into some obnoxious anti-gay rant. Remember the all powerful kiss-in day? No? Perhaps because all across America, it didn’t play out for the Statists. Drudge had a few pics of gays kissing, out front of a couple of shops after closing. Big deal…
    What was inspiring was all the positive support the company received in the single largest fast food sales in one day record.
    Hmmm, I think there is no chance of an excuse of a muddy picture of what deceitful propaganda has been spewed into the airwaves and across the digital medium.
    Though I have argues this point to a few people that refuse to just simply look at the numbers of that issue. Yes, these folks were from Cook County and still have some of that putrid P.C. “Kool-Aid” in their system.

  2. Surveys are invariably designed to favor the instigators pre-determined desired results.

    In other words, the majority of them are nothing but lies.

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