9 thoughts on “NFL bans pro 2A ad but Approves Michael Bloomberg’s $10 Million Super Bowl Gun Control Ad

  1. Yes, the hypocrisy is glaring, but his focus on minutia and racial identity politics leaves much to be desired.

    He’s right about it not being a B/W/G/Y/R thing, too, but is oblivious to the one letter the offenders overwhelmingly share.

    And that daniel defense (who was sued over the bs Vegas “shooting” and somehow couldn’t come up with a defense that refutes it ever even HAPPENING) commercial takes the time to glorify and suck the arse of oathbreakers as if they have a greater value of opinion because they served the occupying enemy govt gang.

    And if being sucked off at a joo propaganda creation is what you’re pissed off at, or a song or not worshiping a rag and NOT the point of their entire existence, you’re just not going to ever get it!

    1. Thanks for the fine-tuning, Martist. I hope all gun-owners boycott the Superbowl and also not buy any products they’re advertising.


  2. The nfl can go to hell
    And michael Vick
    Can suck my d*ck

    I quit watching sportsball when they brought Vick back, I came close when (((they))) forced Arizona to adopt an mlk day.
    But any fool who continued to watch after the colin Kaepernick shit is a… well, a traitor.
    F*ck the nfl and the felons that play in it.

    1. (((they))) orchestrated that. The national anthem is a song btw so please tell us all how that can be traitorous in comparison to oathbreakers who actually violate the LAW like the military, police and politicians? He didn’t swear an oath to f’g thing so not standing is hardly a reason to cite treason.

  3. I been boycotting this Shit my whole life

    There’s just too many new idiots born everyday, I can’t keep up

    This shit needs to stop
    This is persecution and terroristic in nature

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