NFL Stars, Coaches, Cheerleaders – Troops in Afghanistan “protect our freedom” and should be “worshiped”

Ingenious Press

“Come Home Safe” is the only rational and positive statement made in this video. Otherwise this is an atrocious piece of propaganda too embarrassing for words.

Star Trek Facepalm

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15 thoughts on “NFL Stars, Coaches, Cheerleaders – Troops in Afghanistan “protect our freedom” and should be “worshiped”

  1. It’s great that players and coaches give rah rah speeches to the troops overseas saying you are protecting our freedoms, but they never stop to think what are we still doing in Afghanistan after 13 long years when Bin Laden is dead and our country is broke. They never think of why we invaded Iraq when they had nothing to do with 9-11. They never think of the real culprit …Dick Cheney…who started all these wars so his military industrial complex buddies could get rich. We need to understand this as a people …so we can stop it soon, and never let it happen again.

  2. Propaganda, and,,,nothing more…
    Showing exactly whats the problem with America…Put out a false message of truth…..and then Control…..All
    Just why this web site and many others are the staying power of what may be a yet America who may actually fulfill the original creation….and it’s constitution, that, which has not been followed most of our history, Still, here we are!…

  3. My Fellow Patriots:

    Mike Ditka,.. the same manly-man that tried to sell, Hair-Spray-For-Men” Ditka?

    The same Ditka that never served this country a day in his life?

    The same Ditka that has never put anyone or anything before his own selfish wants and needs?

    Is this the Ditka that is telling us how great it is, our young men and women are for participating in the illegal invasions of other countries,…. getting their limbs blown off, their minds turned into scrambled eggs,… or worse of all,.. coming home in an over sized zip-locked sandwich bag because their dead.

    Is this the Dika everyone is suppose to listen to???


    Here’s a suggestion for Ditka,.. the “Great Defender Of American Liberties”,…

    Drop-Dead Ditka,… your just another treasonous bag of filth supporting the communists and other traitors that have helped destroy this country.

    JD – US Marines – As I said before,.. the commies are just POURING out of the wooodwork now!!!

    1. Yes JD, just like the rest of them pukes damnit and there are many people that are buying into that crap too I hate to say it.

    2. The very same Mike Ditka who deprived “Sweetness” Walter Payton, perhaps the best running back there ever was, a Super Bowl touchdown. Instead, Ditka handed the ball to “The Fridge” and the rest is history.

      1. I have always wondered if those sports players would still be playing their sports if they were not getting there mega saleries every year. Would they still be so gung ho if they were making minimum wage? Just a thought I thought I would throw up don`t ya know – you know me and what I think of them high buck people into profesional sports. They should get a real job before they go out and play their sports and see if they would be so gung ho if ya`ll know what I`m sayin. .

    1. NO EXCUSE – lock them all up in the nut house then eh !! why are they doing it then. I would like to see them do what they do making minimum wage if they like it so much. How about it boys. They are not even worth minimum wage when they act like they all do.

  4. We don’t have the luxury to be playing nor watching games, any kind of game! Rome is burning around us all, but the games must go on.
    Bye the way, they should have mentioned Henry and all he does to keep us safe! It’s all a big game!

  5. Endless propaganda and excuses to justify the helicopters, snipers and TSA gropedowns at the stadium. One big bullshit campaign.

  6. We WORSHIP sports stars, Ditka? We should WORSHIP the military instead?

    “I am the Lord thy God, which have brought thee out of the land of Egypt, out of the house of bondage.
    Thou shalt have no other gods before me.” Ex. 20:2-3. KJV

    Wouldn’t want to be in your shoes on Judgement Day.

  7. So with everyone saying, “Stay safe” in this commercial, it reminds me of the future 2020 Tokyo Olympic “Safe Games”.

    So is this Superbowl going to be nicknamed, “The Safe Game” as well?

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