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NIDS Data requirements and the implications of non-enrollment

Published on Nov 29, 2017

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4 Responses to NIDS Data requirements and the implications of non-enrollment

  1. albertpikebishop says:

    if this is all true..then Jamaica is but a litmus test..if they..who the hell is they..can get way with this 1984 horror movie in real time..you can bet your failed leaders. The thing with 4 heads is a coming to the united snakes. and it wont be amazon or pizza hut delivering it…4 heads..excuse me..like right out of Jason and the Argonauts..the 8 headed beast of all beasts..the hydra. and then we got the Clintons..a true 2 headed monster..they kill with bullets not with venom….

    • galen says:

      I thought the same thing about the litmus test. They may be making Jamaica the prototype for what they intend EVERYWHERE.



      • albertpikebishop says:

        well im not the only guy in town who realizes the consequences of this terror new age smart meter tech…thank you for your support galen..when a few brave men decide enough is enough ..then killing them all, will it be not a bad idea if you really think out side of a box of sugar frosted flakes.. ha

  2. SKYWALKER says:

    They say, even if you have n unpaid vehicle ticket, they an deny you the right to own a firearm one you’re in the system

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