No Apologies from NORAD About Santa’s Fighter Escort

santafighterKRON 4 News – by Brian Shields

COLORADIO SPRINGS, Colo (KRON) — Everyone is excited about tonight’s arrival of Santa Claus but not everyone is stoked about the visitors Jolly Ole St. Nick is bringing with him, some U.S. military fighter jets.

A video from the North American Space Command (NORAD) touting it’s 
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Some say the video is really just a subtle recruiting ploy for U.S. military recruiters, trying to tie kids’ perception of Christmas with the armed forces.

A group called Campaign for a Commercial Free Childhood claim the jets mean the military has taken a holiday tradition and added “violence and militarism.”

NORAD isn’t apologizing. The command says it is part of the military “and this is our mission.”

Every year volunteers for NORAD operate the Santa Tracker to help kids and parents know when everyone has to be in bed and cookies put out to ensure his arrival at their house.

5 thoughts on “No Apologies from NORAD About Santa’s Fighter Escort

  1. Where were the jets on 9-11-2001?
    norad was/is complicit in the crime known as 9-11
    the u.s. government had prior knowledge of this event.
    certain shadow factions within the u.s govt planned for
    and executed the crime, now known as 9-11(see pnac)
    the u.s. government committed treason by allowing this
    event as was pearl harbor to occur, thereby furthering a political
    agenda for the nwo.

    1. Good follow-up to my comment. succinct factoid of why u.s. fed-crime-gov are destabilizing all these middle-east countries, which after-fact just so happen to have the rothschild central banks suddenly appear!

  2. Perhaps the military brass is getting nervous because more and more people are seeing that the military is not about peace and freedom at all and all about money for a select few at the expense of the many.What we were told as children has all turned out to be one gigantic lie and the federal government and the pentagon are living proof of that.We are being sold out by the very ones sworn to protect the Constitution that they have no problem wiping their butts with!

  3. Santa Clause used to be an iconic symbol of more innocent times … not anymore. Now our children and grandchildren will always be reminded of the silent war that has been placed into their minds.
    . . .

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