8 thoughts on “No broadcast today

  1. help on the way, had to get this thing unloaded parked so I could relax. im in San Diego and you know how fkd I am with the parking, im well supplied with provisions and am camping on the street for 34 hours, and loving it believe it or not.

    And to everybody else, when Henry talks about shutting down, hes not just blowing smoke, he means it. If possible dig deep kids, this site is a God send, keep it alive man, this is all we got, there is NOTHING ELSE!!

    Just imagine no Trenches FK THAT!!

    Henry and Laura have given up alot so we could have this special place, which I call home…Lets not FK this up…

    If your working, and have extra, give extra. It will make you feel good about yourself..

      1. mira mesa area, might catch an Uber to the beach, kick back.

        I was raised in Newport Beach right up the road about 80 miles.

    1. ‘im well supplied with provisions’ …. did you hold back some of that beer you were hauling? ­čÖé

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