No Doubt Chemtrail Proof. “For the Sheep Who Call Them Contrails!”

Before It’s News

“It is easier to fool the masses than it is to convince them they have been fooled.”
-Mark Twain

Many Photos Inside Chemtrail Planes Here

After the post here by Live Free or Die and the Anonymous comments to it, I had to start a post with this info / video proving beyond doubt they are spraying us like bugs. It is incredible people are still so oblivious to what is going on. I mean, they clearly have an internet connection and access to find real news as we do because they are here making their sheeple comments to begin with.  

The exact reasons for why they are spraying has a few Theories. Everything from Blue Beam and HAARP, to Monstanto controlling food w/Agenda 21, Biological poisoning (Morgellons), Mirroring our Atmosphere to block sun light,  hiding the approach of Nibiru.. Billions in Market Investiments against food, Military/War Advantages, Corporate land grabs after decimating the farms, Even to preventing our DNA Galactic upgrades. Etc..


Here’s video Proof..
Military Jet: Visible Off and ON Spraying caught by Jet pilot.

One thing is certain! Entire regions are turning brown.. Forest are dying.. PH levels have gone up and are killing off 10′s of thousands of acres. Barium and Aluminum is even found on top of Mt. Shasta reaching 1000′s of times safe levels. Biological human Plasma has been found within chemtrails.. Even “Jelly-Like Rain” has occured.

Any that think these are merely contrails must be indoctrinated under 20 sheeple and rely on TV for their news.. I remember Blue Skies and never seeing garbage above like we have now.



Mass Search Results

Chemtrails: Air Force Manual

A few of over 160 Patents related to Chemtrailing/Geoengineering


Why in the World are they Spraying?
Award Winning Documentary

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      1. #1! Long time no see. Thought the pigs in California got ya or something. Was getting worried there. Good to hear from ya, again.

        1. Nope. Got clumsy at my brother’s house on Christmas and broke my computer. Had to send it back to the manufacturer (Lenovo) to get it fixed. I just got it back this morning. 🙂

          1. UGH! Lenovo. Hope your speakers are still working and your computer is not overheating. Other than that, Lenovos are pretty good. lol

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          3. ASUS are top of the line.. My Fave brand w/Xeon.

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          4. I am the Ultimate PC Tech hon.. Have built thousands and networks everything from my Plastic Surgeon’s office, to a 2 Star General’s home, Drafting Facilities, Goodwill.. name it.

            I have two Geek degrees CIS and CS and within an hour can have your system tip top!
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            Just lemme know!

  1. the weather is affected by these chem trails…wake up too the deep fried freeze in the last few daze..and if any f you could put 2 + 2 together..over lap the sandy hurricane and the Katrina fiesta of water and wind..both are the same..both maybe made by harpp..your minds may not believe. But if im right..god help us all ..

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