No Doubt Chemtrail Proof. “For the Sheep who call them Contrails!”

Before It’s News – by Leda Ohio 9

“It is easier to fool the masses than it is to convince them they have been fooled.”

After the post here by Live Free or Die and the Anonymous comments to it, I had to start a post with this info / video proving beyond doubt they are spraying us like bugs. It is incredible people are still so oblivious to what is going on. I mean, they clearly have an internet connection and access to find real news as we do because they are here making their sheeple comments to begin with.  

The exact reasons for why they are spraying has a few Theories. Everything from Blue Beam and HAARP, to Monstanto controlling food w/Agenda 21, Biological poisoning (Morgellons), Mirroring our Atmosphere to block sun light,  hiding the approach of Nibiru.. Billions in Market Investiments against food, Military/War Advantages, Corporate land grabs after decimating the farms, Even to preventing our DNA Galactic upgrades. Etc..

Here’s video Proof..
Military Jet: Visible Off and ON Spraying caught by Jet pilot.

One thing is certain! Entire regions are turning brown.. Forest are dying.. PH levels have gone up and are killing off 10′s of thousands of acres. Barium and Aluminum is even found on top of Mt. Shasta reaching 1000′s of times safe levels. Biological human Plasma has been found within chemtrails.. Even “Jelly-Like Rain” has occured.

Any that think these are merely contrails must be indoctrinated under 20 sheeple and rely on TV for their news.. I remember Blue Skies and never seeing garbage above like we have now.



Mass Search Results

Chemtrails: Air Force Manual

A few of over 160 Patents related to Chemtrailing/Geoengineering


Why in the World are they Spraying?
Award Winning Documentary

25 thoughts on “No Doubt Chemtrail Proof. “For the Sheep who call them Contrails!”

  1. I want to play devil’s advocate. Conversely, I wonder what would happen to our weather patterns if TPTB stopped spraying chemtrails, and/or abandoned HAARP?

    If we are in the early process of a polar shift, then we would need to have the means of moving the jet streams to compensate. Otherwise we would see violent weather patterns created by the massive clash of warm & cold air systems.

    My layman understanding regarding a polar shift is that it starts with the molten core of the planet, and then the tectonic plates’ movements (Earth’s surface) slowly move to catch up. This is possibly why the magnetic North & South Poles are shifting but have not (yet) altered the rising/setting positions of the Sun and Moon, or the celestial locations of constellations to the nighttime observer.

    However, until they stop chemtrails, we shall never know. If 20+ years of spraying chemtrails are physical evidence of TPTB intentionally trying to kill us (slowly), then surely they could find a less costly and more covert way to do so. Furthermore if TPTB really wanted to kill us, they could have done it yesterday.

    If TPTB knew that a polar shift will soon turn areas of the World into uninhabitable desert or glacier regions, would they tell us? It would most likely be classified as top secret, because exposure of this truth will create a major panic with no easy resolutions.

    Perhaps the reasons for chemtrails and HAARP are not what they seem to be?

    1. Okay, you play the devil’s advocate, I’ll play the devil.
      No matter why they are doing it, breathing aluminum particles will kill you, or at least destroy your brain.

      1. OK Henry, I agree, chemtrails are killing us. The governments of the World are conspiring together, internationally, to allow toxic poisons to be sprayed over their own back yards and water sheds.

        There has to be a deeper, unknown reason for TPTB to be conducting this operation for over 20 years… and for some strange reason, nobody is talking, anonymously or otherwise. We know who the companies are which are doing the spraying, and we assume that it is International financers who are footing the bill. However, this would be similar to inviting people over to crap in your swimming pool.

        Wouldn’t it be quicker, easier, and less costly for TPTB to just poison the utility water systems? Either chemtrails serve a untold purpose for the World’s benefit, or someone (something) has all Nations in a Catch-22 stranglehold situation with no other options on the table. You’re the devil… you tell me.

        1. Sloooowww kill.
          If they attacked us with a fast kill, they would not get us all and those left would not only know the game is kill or be killed, but they would be 100% for the fight.

          1. Events are moving too fast to be quelled with slow action. The reaction of “kill or be killed” will work for TPTB but they will need to thin the herd of serfs in less than 20 years time. Ultimately it will come down to a revolution. The race riots didn’t happen as planned, so I can only begin to imagine what their next move will be.

  2. Inretrospect, what are your qualifications for understanding the thought process of psychopaths?
    Point being, they are doing it and denying it.
    They even vilify and condemn people who suggest geo engineering is taking place.
    What would the point of that be?

    1. Well, Scott, I have no qualifications (doctorates nor firsthand knowledge) for understanding the thought processes of psychopaths, nor the conscience of a 3000+ year-old bloodline of inbred elite monsters.

      I also haven’t seen a Rothschild, Rockefeller, or Bush wearing an air filter mask; so, they are breathing the same air as you and me. Perhaps they are taking medication which can absorb Nano-particulate aluminum… but I don’t know about that either.

      I was utilizing the Sherlock Holmes quote, regarding the search for the truth: “When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth”.

      Like I said before, we have been living under chemtrail fall-out for over 20 years, compounded by GMOs, fluoride, vaccines, etc. There are less costly and more expedient ways to commit genocide against 7-billion people… chemtrails are too costly and too slow.

      There has to be another reason for chemtrails and HAARP, besides killing us slowly. When you consider the thousands of people who are involved with world-wide chemtrail operations, and the fact that in over 20-years no one has blown the whistle, leads me to believe that they are willing to guard a very big secret.

      My point is that after eliminating all the other plausible explanations, an alternative possibility remains: they may be controlling the weather to prevent killer storm systems due to polar shifting. However, unless they stop spraying chemtrails and utilizing HAARP we’ll never know… but they do.

      You stated: “They even vilify and condemn people who suggest geo engineering is taking place. What would the point of that be?”

      They even vilify and condemn people for having a car brandishing a 2008 Ron Paul bumper sticker. What would the point of that be?

      In my opinion, the western elite are losing their grasp of control of: the weather, the economy, the people, and the resources. What would logically be the next move of a cornered psychopath?

      Another explanation is here:
      See Piece 3 / Mass Human Mutation, Evolution, and eventual Ascension.

        1. Good article #1. I especially liked Jolly Roger’s comment: “This article makes a perfect case for why private citizens should be allowed to keep and bear surface-to-air missiles.”

          The question I have: is there something else that could be sprayed instead of aluminum, strontium, barium, and other toxic ingredients, to combat global warming? However, this question is rendered moot by the fact that global warming is total bullshit!

          I still contend that even though chemtrails are toxic, just like many of the products we have around the house and work, it is too slow to create a ‘covert’ mass kill. There has to be another reason… TPTB are attempting to stall or prevent something from happening (my opinion).

  3. Given the fact that they’re already killing us with vaccines, radiation, toxic GMOs (not to mention all the bees they’re killing in the process), so-called cancer ‘cures that don’t work, HFCS, aspartame, processed foods, fluoridated water, Smart Meters, and a host of other methods, I’d say that spraying us with nanoparticles of aluminum, the # 1 cause of Alzheimers (which has skyrocketed in the last two decades, btw) is DEFINITELY designed to kill us. Aluminum also toxifies the soil so natural crops will no longer grow.

    It should come as no surprise to anyone (awake, that is) that Monsanto took out patents in 2009 SPECIFICALLY for ALUMINUM RESISTANT CROPS.

    Think they know something?

    1. LOL not to mention all of that lead paint from back in the day. That lead paint in them older houses also contribute to a lot of brain problems that they allowed to happen, remember all of that lead paint.

      1. Yep #1 & Digger,
        Oh and don’t forget about asbestos used in schools, bldgs and homes back in the day.

        Ya all know how I feel about those freakin’ smartmeters and cell towers, same way about these freakin’ chemtrails…….

          1. Yeah, Hey there #1, things okay just trying to catch up on stuff and then got a freakin’ head cold nose throat and ear thingy. Got too busy and didn’t eat much or take supps/vits for a few days…my own fault 🙁 otherwise, good, decided to give in and just do downtime today, eat some chix soup and recoup hehe! How about you?

          2. You take care of your self RT!!!! We love ya kid and we hope tto see ya posting here more kiddo eh 🙂 🙂 you eat some chicken soup OK RT !!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope we talk soon PS. Try some of that saline water snort for that sinus problen ya got!

          3. Awe…….. I had missed it when you posted, very sorry to hear…… I left a message on the link, lit a candle and things. My best

  4. There was an interesting thing back in 2006 I think involving a Home Office child protection expert who was working on a separate project involving aircraft pollution here in the UK.

    The project research he was working on was why people in rural areas who smoked didn’t develop the same diseases as those that lived in more populous areas and cities and he came further and further along to the point where he was beginning to see a pattern that air craft pollution may have been the aggressive factor in many peoples deaths or illnesses. He knew he had touched a nerve when he got his first death threat but didn’t pay much attention to it until he was attacked in a fairly quiet London street, beaten up but not robbed. Now he was a Home Office approved expert whose job was to work with police and government to help classify and identify children involved in abuse and pictures as well as worked as a prosecution expert for the CPS but he was one day at 4am raided by armed police and arrested for holding child pornography on his computer, he cleared his name but he spent nearly a week in a police station without lawyer or family knowing, the police seemingly incapable of liaising with the Home Office to verify his status and it was only after he realised it was likely the airlines using their considerable leverage in government trying to silence him.

    To date, any attempts to check, assess, report on or even look at possible pollution from aircraft is blocked by Whitehall, the fact they destroyed a quite respected Dr who was inadvertently researching smoking but trod on their toes shows that there is something very wrong they don’t want us to find out, if petrol pollution is proven to be very bad for our health from cars then imagine if you will the damage that the heavy kerosene and god knows what else is in there is doing to us and this is borne out too with something my own doctor found, when I lived in London, I had very dark and cloudy chest X rays but living in rural England after 41 years of smoking my chest X rays were as clean as a whistle and my asthma is clearing up since I stopped smoking and using an electronic cigarette too.

    1. Glad to hear you’ve done better since relocating, AG. I don’t have much chance at decent air here (and I smoke), so I do the next best thing I can. I take products to counteract the toxins in the environment. They’ve managed to keep me fairly healthy so far. 🙂

  5. We are guinea pigs for them and that transhuman crap. They dont want us to die until they log the data. Also if we have any wealth, they want to suck that dry.

    1. Money had lost any real value in the United States after we past the 10-trillion dollar debt mark. Tran humanism doesn’t need the genocide of 90% of the World’s population to succeed. It’s just the lawless big boys at the top, usurping power and control of the World.

      Many people said the same thing about the Gulf of Mexico oil spill: the corexit is killing us. However, chemtrails and corexit will certainly shorten everyones life spans but will harm people with bad immune systems and poor eating habits, more. Poor people would include the homeless and the elderly, whom are categorized by TPTB as worthless eaters.

  6. like they need any more excuses from the peanut gallery above^

    its about population control as it is about control of the population.

    “its just the lawless big boys at the top”…vomit

    can you auditorily visualize the tone of voice i’m using when reading that?

    1. I’m not sure about your comment, Mel. The context of my statement, regarding Tran humanism, and the World’s problems being caused by ‘the big boys at the top’ wasn’t an excuse… it’s a fact. Most of the top elitists have more money than they could spend in 10-lifetimes. By transferring their conscience mind into a non-organic machine, they can live forever, while accumulating more wealth and World power.

      When I look at the total World debt of approximately 1.5 quadrillion dollars, tells me that money, physical gold & silver have no value to the big boys at the top. Their thirst is for controlling power. Even if they could eliminate 90% of the world population, they would eventually kill off each other. It’s just the nature of the beast.

      Sorry if I made you puke by trivializing our predicament with TPTB. However, these elitists aren’t demigods nor rocket scientists… they are unpredictable psychopaths who don’t even trust their own brethren. They aren’t highly skilled, and need several subordinates to take care of their everyday needs. Therefore, TPTB live in a dilemma of fear knowing that the 99% as well as their 1% psychopathic brothers want to kill them. They have to keep looking over their shoulder because the planet isn’t big enough for a billionaire weasel to hide in, and they have soooo much to live for.

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